COLDTYPE Issue 145 September 2017 – is now on line

10 September 2017 — Coldtype

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WE’RE BACK!  Fresh from our extended summer break, ColdType has 60 pages of great writing and photojournalism this month. Our cover story is a gripping photo essay from the dark side of Philadelphia by Jeffrey Stockbridge. Other top features include David Cromwell & David Edwards on climate denialism at the BBC, Steve Leigh & Alan Maass on the real nuclear threat to the world,  Jonathan Cook on Netanyahu’s latest move to thwart Palestinian nationhood, and Danny Sjursen’s soldierly anguish over wars in the Middle East. In other stories, John Eskow travels among the nation’s racists, CJ Hopkins looks in awe at the United States of Manufactured Hysteria; Neil Clark highlights Western media hypocrisy in reporting from Syria, and Linh Dinh takes a journey through Southern France. We also feature the brilliant work of British photographer John Chillingworth, and Mike Palecek takes us with him on a trip to the Big Smoke in this issue’s Big Read. Plus we’ve got a  7-page Insights section. Enjoy . . .

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