ICH Headlines 11 September 2017

11 September 2017 — Information Clearing House

Echoes of Iraq-WMD Fraud in Syria

By Robert Parry

U.S. intelligence community had warned Obama how weak the evidence against Assad was.

Losing in Syria, the US will target Russia more than ever

By Finian Cunningham

The US and its partners-in-crime against Syria are licking their wounds.

Saudi Crown Prince’s “Secret” Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble

By Tyler Durden

The meeting seems more than just coincidental in relation to Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military facility.

Israeli Media Begs US to Prepare For War With Syria, Russia, Iran

By Andrew Illingworth

How Israeli pro-war interest groups, try to entice the US government and population into participating in wars.

Roger Waters: Congress Shouldn’t Silence Human Rights Advocates

By Roger Waters

This criminalization of support for B.D.S. in the United States mirrors similar efforts in Israel.

Saudi Government Allegedly Funded A ‘Dry Run’ For 9/11

By Paul Sperry

New details paint “a pattern of both financial and operational support” for the 9/11 conspiracy from official Saudi sources.

Who is the Islamophobic Conspiracy-Theorist Behind the Saudi 9/11 ‘Dry Run’ Story?

By Al Bawaba

It is not hard to see why many of the outlets using the story were not overly keen to double check its background.

Fake 9/11 Activism on 9/11. “Saudi Arabia was Behind the Attacks”

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Many 9/11 truthers have been sucked into the “Saudi Arabia did it” narrative.

16th Anniversary of 9/11 Brings New Development

By Paul Craig Roberts

The study of Building 7 might have implications that people do not want to face.

President Trump 9/11 Speech at the Pentagon


How President Trump has talked about 9/11, then and now.

No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

Video and Transcript

Because one person looks for food through the rubbish, you try to justify foreign intervention here?.

The Great Flood

By Chris Hedges

We are entering this final phase of civilization.

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