Black Agenda Report 30 November 2017

30 November 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Even Russian Dissidents Say Americans Have Gone Crazy Over Putin 

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Even Russians who oppose Vladimir Putin think the US has gone crazy in its allegations of Russian interference in the US elections.

Freedom Rider: Contradictions of White Supremacy 

by BAR Senior columnist and editor Margaret Kimberley
The fate of Blacks in the U.S. is not dependent on whether white liberals or white nationalists win office, but on Black people’s own struggle for self-determination.

Casting Light: Reflections on the Struggle to Implement the Jackson-Kush Plan, Part 1: A Response to Comrade Bruce Dixon 

by Kali Akuno
Cooperation Jackson’s Kali Akuno clarifies the position of Cooperation Jackson and the ongoing struggle to implement the Jackson Kush Plan.

Are Blacks In the US An Internal Colony? Or Is That Just Analysis By Analogy? 

by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon
Africans on the continent stopped calling their societiesw neocolonial
15 and 20 years ago. Unlike colonies we have actual black people in the
actual ruling class. Isn’t it time to describe our situation more

Thank CNN for the Slave Auctions in Libya 

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong
CNN is a guilty party in the enslavement of Blacks in Libya, having been silent on the rabid racism of the “rebels” that the U.S. put in power  in 2011.

Black Friday? 

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner
Thought solemnity—
bowed heads, hands held,
streams of consciousness,
Blessings counted the day before:

Clearing the Smoke and Mirrors Around Zimbabwe 

by Netfa Freeman
“The West, led by Britain and the U.S., have been engaged in a regime policy against the Southern African nation for the last 18 years.

Crossing the Electronic Prison Firewall 

by BAR contributor Ann Garrison
“Does the larger public consider how extremely, cruelly isolated US prisoners are in the age of digital communication?”

Black Agenda Radio, Week of November 27, 2017

This week on Black Agenda Radio,
Julieanne Tveten on The Politics of Facebook and Google
Larry Hamm’s POP Welcomes Workers World Party Conference to Newark
Larry Holmes of Workers World Party on why the Working Class Needs to “Kick Some Ass”

NAFTA, The Cross-Border Disaster 

by David Bacon

“NAFTA strengthened the ability of U.S. employers to force workers to accept lower wages and benefits.”

Puerto Rico: Ruined Infrastructure and a Refugee Crisis 

by Vijay Prashad
“The plans for the rebuilding of Puerto Rico are similar to what was done in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.”

Net Neutrality and the Drive to Censor the Internet

by Andre Damon
“These giant monopolies will be able to block access to entire websites.”

Robert Mugabe: A Political Epitaph 

by Yosh Tandon
“He transformed the lives of the ordinary people by bringing education, health, water, sanitation and housing to millions of rural people.”

Israel Gives African Migrants A Choice: Accept Deportation or Indefinite Imprisonment 

by David Love
Israel will pay Rwanda $5,000 for each African migrant it accepts, and $3,500 to each African who leaves.