Monsanto: Out of Control

30 November 2017 — Organic Bites

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On October 9, we held a joint press conference at the EU Parliament in Brussels to announce that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in four EU countries was contaminated with glyphosate.

The next day, Carey Gilliam, journalist and research director for US Right to Know, delivered expert testimony at an EU Parliament hearing on the “science” surrounding glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s popular Roundup weedkiller.

Gillam didn’t talk about whether or not glyphosate and Roundup are safe. Instead, her presentation (“Decades of Deception”) to parliament members, focused on Monsanto’s long-running secretive campaign to manipulate the scientific record, to sway public opinion and to influence regulatory assessments.

In this recent article, “Corporate-Spun Science Should Not Be Guiding Policy,” Gillam lays out all ways corporate-spun science is spinning out of control—and threatening public health. (News update: This week the EU voted to allow the use of Roundup for another five years—not the 15 years Monsanto wanted, but more than the three years some countries favored. France just announced that it will move forward with a plan to ban Roundup after three years).

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Video Preview: #stopmurdoch Sky Takeover

30 November 2017 — CPBF

The #stopmurdoch video is being crowdfunded and this is a preview and an opportunity to fund it.

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

One of CPBF’s aims is to:

‘To challenge the myth that press freedom is best served by current forms of ownership and control, and by ‘self-regulation’ on the part of the Press Complaints Commission.’ For more see Continue reading

Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real By Robin Andersen

29 November 2017 — FAIR

A few days before the Halloween hearings held by the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, where powerful tech companies would provide testimony about their roles disseminating “fake news” during the 2016 election, Twitter announced it would no longer accept advertising from the Russian government-sponsored broadcast channel Russia Today (RT), or the state-owned Sputnik.

In a Twitter PublicPolicy blog post (10/26/17), the company said it would “off-board advertising from all accounts” owned by RT and Sputnik. The decision was based on its own assessment of the 2016 US election “and the US intelligence community’s conclusion that both RT and Sputnik attempted to interfere with the election on behalf of the Russian government.” As substantiation, Twitter merely provided a link to the January 6, 2017, intelligence report (ODNI).

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Glyphosate: victory or defeat?

29 November 2017 — WeMove

This is a special day. For over two years a huge part of our energy was focused on one goal: stopping Monsanto from getting their hands on a 15-year licence to sell glyphosate on our European market.

And we did – but we didn’t get all we wanted. Instead of a total ban on glyphosate for which we fought long and hard, on Monday the EU countries unexpectedly voted for a 5-year approval of the toxic weed-killer. [1] Glyphosate will stay on our store shelves and will keep poisoning our food – but not for much longer, if we have something to say about it!

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Save Net Neutrality!

29 November 2017 — OpenMedia

As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s been all hands on deck to save Net Neutrality in the U.S. We need you to add your name now to our worldwide message to Republican Congressional leaders to stop the FCC from destroying the free and open Internet as we know it.

This won’t just impact Americans, it will disrupt the Internet for all of us who depend on it.

Act now

We only have until December 14th to save Net Neutrality. If you haven’t yet, please add your name.

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Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya By Ben Norton

28 November 2017 — FAIR

Twenty-first century slave markets. Human beings sold for a few hundred dollars. Massive protests throughout the world.

The American and British media have awakened to the grim reality in Libya, where African refugees are being sold in open-air slave markets. Yet a crucial detail in this scandal has been downplayed or even ignored in many corporate media reports: the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in bringing slavery to the North African nation.

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Net neutrality and the drive to censor the internet

25 November 2017 — WSWS

Wednesday’s move by the Trump administration to end net neutrality marks a milestone in the offensive by the US government and major corporations to put an end to the free and open internet, paving the way for widespread government censorship of oppositional news and analysis.

Under the current law, upheld by numerous court decisions and reaffirmed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015, companies that provide internet access to users, known as internet service providers (ISPs), cannot block or impede their users’ access to any website or service.

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Watching, Killing: The Evolution of RAF Drone Warfare in the 21st Century’ – Dr Peter Lee By Peter Burt

27 November 2017 — Drone Wars

Dr Peter Lee

Anyone who has conducted interviews with around 60 Reaper drone crew members and given evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones will have learned a thing or two about the Royal Air Force’s armed drone programme.  Step forward Dr Peter Lee, a former Air Force chaplain now Director of Security and Risk Research at Portsmouth University, who over the past few years has been undertaking a detailed study into the human dimension of RAF Reaper drone operations.  Dr Lee recently lectured at the Royal Aeronautical Society about his research and his forthcoming book on the RAF’s drone community.

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Unrelenting Propagation of “Fake News”: Selected Articles

25 November 2017 — Global Research

The Objective of the US Is to Weaken and Destroy Syria: Prof. Tim Anderson

By Prof. Tim Anderson and Sputnik, November 24, 2017

In an interview with Radio Sputnik, Tim Anderson, an academic expert in economics and international politics from the University of Sydney, pondered on the US’ role in the standoff in Syria, saying that America misinterprets the Russian arms’ presence in the country.

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Trump Administration Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story By Adam Johnson

24 November 2017 — FAIR

WaPo: Justice Department pushing Iran-connected charges in HBO hack, other cases

The Washington Post (11/19/17) reported warnings that “Justice Department officials want to reveal [Iran-connected] cases because the Trump administration would like Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran.”

It’s rare to see evidence of an administration plot to manipulate the media unfolding in real time, but such is the case this week—and thus far, corporate media have taken the bait hook, line, and sinker.

The Washington Post reported Sunday (11/19/17) that the Trump Justice Department had been ordering national security prosecutors to single out cases involving Iranian nationals to help push for new sanctions on Iran. The Post’s Devlin Barrett, citing Justice Department officials, laid out the strategy (emphasis added):

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Black Agenda Report 23 November 2017

23 November 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Trump FCC Wants To Remove Caps on Calls From Jails and Prisons, and to Kill Network Neutrality 

Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor
The Trump FCC wants to kill subsidies for poor people to pay phone and internet bills, and remove caps on how much telecoms can charge the families of prisoners to receive phone calls. Its FCC chair used to represent a prison phone company. And they intend to kill network neutrality.


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