Black Agenda Report for 21 December 2017

21 December 2017 — Black Agenda Report

The Black Political Class and Network Neutrality

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor

For a quarter century now, telecoms and other corporate interests have pretty much owned the cohort of civil rights organizations and elected officials we call the black political class, which is why they’ve consistently opposed network neutrality.

The 1% Will Earn the People’s Hatred

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
The rich think they are invincible thanks to the GOP tax bill, but their arrogance is setting them up for a fall.

Freedom Rider: Alabama and the Duopoly Trap

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
Blacks in Alabama voted against Roy Moore because he was an existential threat, but the election did not advance any Black or progressive agenda.

Why Are Ugandan Troops Amassed at the Congo Border Again?

– Ann Garrison , BAR contributor , – Helen Epstein
Uganda claims it only wants to neutralize a small Islamist guerilla group in the Congo, but the last time Uganda invaded in force, millions died.

Marikana Massacre Hangs Over New Leader of South Africa’s Ruling Party

by Glen Ford for The Real News Network
The new ANC chief, and apparently the next prehamsident of South Africa will be Cyril Ramaphosa, widely credited with the massacre of South African miners at Marikana

Whoppers of Boss Tweet… 

Raymond Nat Turner , BAR poet-in-residence
A thief
a thug
Man in a rug
A tweet
A lie
a cheat—
Embellish, embroider:
a lying disorder…

Black Agenda Radio week of December 18, 2017

– Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford

On this week’s one hour show:
Kevin Alexander Gray analyzes the election in Alabama
Political Prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal gets, gives literary praise, and thanks the people who have fought his frame-up the last 30 years.
Click the top link for the whole show, or any of the three following for the individual segments thereof.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is the Neoliberal Face of the Black Freedom Struggle

by Cornel West
“The disagreement between Coates and me is clear: his view of black America is narrow and dangerously misleading.”

Police Shoot More Than Twice as Many Americans as Previously Understood 

“Until now, there has never been a national reckoning of police shootings that includes Americans who are shot by cops and survive.”

Creating the 21st Century Internet

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese
“Political speech should not only be protected in print and television, but it should also be protected in the digital world, including

NYT Prints Government-Funded Propaganda About Government-Funded Propaganda

Adam Johnson
“The United States and other ‘democracies’ are positioned as the victims of online manipulation, never its author.”

Will the Caribbean Go the Full Distance for Reparations From Europe?

Earl Bousquet
“The EU states involved — especially Britain, France and Spain — have made it crystal clear they don‘t want to play ball on the issue

Zambia Must Clarify Whether It Will Host Israel-Africa Summit

Abayomi Azikiwe
“Israel since 1948 has collaborated with the same white supremacist forces which conquered, exploited and oppressed Africans…”

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