Secret Trade Deals

4 January 2018 — 38 Degrees

Giant corporations suing our government. Restricted access to medicines we all need. That’s what the government is considering in a trade deal right now. [1]

Trade minister Liam Fox is exploring whether the UK should join a dodgy trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP for short. It could mean our healthcare, our food standards and our rights at work put at risk. [2]

But it isn’t set in stone – yet. If the government see a huge outcry before the idea is off the ground, they’ll know they can’t get away with bad trade deals that don’t work for all of us.

If you think the government should be making trade deals that work for us, rather than big corporations, sign the petition now:



After Brexit, the UK is going to need to negotiate new trade deals. And if we get it right, trade can boost the economy here and bring the best of British produce to the world.

But if it’s done wrong, it could mean putting corporate profits before jobs, the environment, and the NHS. [3] We can’t let that happen.

Even before this deal was on the table, the government were talking about negotiating future trade deals in secret – away from the scrutiny of our MPs. Away from us. It could mean there’d be nothing we could do to stop deals like this one from going ahead. [4]

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Just before Christmas, the government was forced to back down on passing new laws in secret after Brexit. [5] That means a huge wave of public pressure could force them to change their mind on trade too.

If you believe this is too important for the government to negotiate without our say, please sign the petition now:



Thanks for being involved,

Gordon, Rachel, Bex, Holly and the 38 Degrees team

PS: 38 Degrees-ers like you are a powerful bunch because we don’t just sit back and hope things change. Instead, millions of us pool our power to make the UK a better place. To hit the ground running in 2018 we need at least 100,000 people to help make the plan this week. William, will you take 3 minutes to have your say now?

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Below are some examples of what has been revealed about the TPP deal for countries like Australia:
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