COLDTYPE Issue 153 February 2018 – is now on line

2 February 2018 — Coldtype

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WAGING WAR ON DISSENT: Censorship, media deceit and corporate propaganda are the subjects of this issue’s main stories. Writers of the main pieces are CJ Hopkins, Chris Hedges and Dan Lomas, while Dennis J. Bernstein and Randy Credo discuss the threat posed by undemocratic forces in an interview with John Pilger. A fifth piece features four pages of activist art from the book, The Design of Dissent. Gregory Shupak asks if the slapping of a soldier is worse than shooting a child?, while Jonathan Cook wonders why the Israel army is worried about Gaza, Tom Engelhardt looks inside Donald Trump’s  circus of the bizarre. In other articles, Mark Turley explains how English football is selling out its fans, Frida Berrigan tells why we still need space for protest outside the White House, George Monbiot and Dave Smith look at repercussions over the collapse of building company Carillion, and Conn M Hallinan explains more about those buttons that could trigger nuclear war. Plus we have photographs from Lucas Foglia, and our Insights section.

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