More Wars On the Radar?

26 February 2018 — Global Research

Netanyahu Besieged. Regime Change in Israel?

By Israel Shamir, February 26, 2018

It is very, very difficult to plead for the Israeli Prime Minister. He is the man who killed the peace process, who enslaved the Palestinians, tortured Gaza, bombed Syria and Lebanon, did his damnedest to ignite war with Iran. However, there is a Jewish tradition of apologia, of finding positive points of villains.

There Is “No Equivalency” between the Legitimate Syrian Government and the Western-Supported Terrorists Who are Destroying Syria on Washington’s Behalf

            By Mark Taliano, February 26, 2018

Syria and its allies have every legal right to defend Syria’s peoples, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.  The terrorists, on the other hand, have no right to destroy the country, and to target civilians, as they have been doing, for the last 7 years.

Britain Officially Prepares Now for War Against Russia

By Eric Zuesse, February 26, 2018

On Wednesday, February 21st, the UK’s Minister of Defence, Conservative Gavin Williamson, announced that the United Kingdom is changing its fundamental defence strategy from one that’s targeted against non-state terrorists (Al Qaeda, etc.), to one that’s targeted instead against three countries: Russia, China, and North Korea. He acknowledged that a massive increase in military spending will be needed for this, and that “savings” will have to be found in other areas of Government-spending, such as the health services, and in military spending against terrorism.

Did the CIA Sabotage Russia at the Olympics?

By Rick Sterling, February 26, 2018

It makes no logical sense that an athlete would do a one-time consumption of a chemical that is of no value in circumstances where it is almost certain to be detected with huge negative consequences.

What Western Imperialism Is Up to Now in Zimbabwe

By Mafa Kwanisai Mafa, February 26, 2018

Already some austerity measures have already been taken under this 2018 budget which are meant to attract capital from investors. Zimbabwe now has a leaner cabinet and some government workers have been terminated. Zimbabwe initiated its fast track land reform, it enacted an indigenous and economic empowerment act which restricted foreign multinational company’s domination including mining. This has never been done nowhere in Africa, it jettisoned the Economic Economic Structural Adjustment Programme to embark on a “socialist” path.

Trump: If North Korea Doesn’t Obey Me, I Might Punish the Whole World

By Eric Levitz, February 26, 2018

On Friday, president Trump announced that his administration would be hitting North Korea with the “heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before.” The new penalties target dozens of ships and shipping companies that have (allegedly) been helping Pyongyang sustain its economy — and thus, its nuclear program.

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