Bojo’s Parliamentary Coup News Links 28 August 2019

28 August 2019 • 20:35 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

We shouldn’t be surprised. These are other times Boris Johnson has shown he doesn’t give a s**t about democracy

Is This a Coup?

It’s Not a Coup, It’s the Westminster System in Meltdown (But MPs Can Still Stop No Deal)

Parliament suspension: Queen approves PM’s plan

Johnson disregards history as British forces readied to combat unrest in north of Ireland

Jeremy Corbyn’s takedown of Donald Trump is utterly superb


While we’re all distracted by Johnson’s coup, Corbyn shows a different reason why we need a Labour government

Britain: Boris’ Brexit bombshell leaves Westminster in disarray as parliament is prorogued

Clive Lewis vows that the ‘the police will have to remove us’ if Boris Johnson suspends parliament

Trump lectures Brits that BoJo is ‘EXACTLY’ what they need

Boris Johnson Crosses the Rubicon: We Must React Now

Brexit & the Madness of the ‘Sovereign Individual’

Brexit and suspending parliament: What just happened?

Corbyn slams Johnson’s ‘threat to our democracy’

It’s on. Boris Johnson just launched a coup to suspend parliament.

Brexit: MPs ask Scottish court to block Westminster shutdown

Boris Johnson asks Queen to suspend Parliament

Perfidious Albion… Johnson Threatens EU With Debt Default

Boris Johnson statement on suspending parliament

Boris Johnson’s trade plans from G7 will be catastrophic: from the Amazon to the NHS

Corbyn highlights the terrifying truth. We’re on the brink of a ‘Trump-deal Brexit’.

UK: Johnson considers suspending parliament to enforce no-deal Brexit By Robert Stevens

Brexit “Transition”: The Calm before the Storm for Boris

Britain: Corbyn’s unity government gambit – victory must come from below

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