Britain: Theresa May resignation – let’s kick out the rest of the Tories! By Adam Booth

24 May 2019 — In Defence of Marxism

[This is quite a good summation of the mess the British ruling class have got themselves into over the Brexit BS as it exposes the undercurrent of reaction at the heart of British capitalism. WB]

Image: EU2017EE

After three years of can kicking, Theresa May has finally run out of road. Giving a teary-eyed speech in front of Number 10 this morning, the Prime Minister announced that she would step down on 7 June. The race to succeed her will begin the following week. Then the fireworks will really begin.
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Conservative Party implodes over Brexit crisis as May agrees to stand down next month By Robert Stevens

18 May 2019 — WSWS

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is set to stand down as Tory party leader and prime minister after her European Union Withdrawal Agreement Bill goes before Parliament in the first week of June. Since May reached a deal with the EU in November, she has been unable to secure agreement from a deeply divided parliament.

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UK: Government of Denial: Crisis? What Crisis?

15 May 2019 — True Publica

Robert Woodward – TruePublica contributing editor: Looking at the Conservative party as it is right now, it would be easy to believe they are of a different species, who speak a different language, who came from a different world – a different dimension even. Every day a new statistic of our failing nation feels more like the opening of festering wounds, the result of a banking-led crisis in 2008, itself the making of failed and weak politicians who caved into the lobbying practices of the most corrupt in corporate power. ‘Old Blighty’ now seems like a good term, for Britain is now so badly damaged, so blighted in almost every metric of well-being that society’s life-blood is literally draining away in front of our very eyes. And irrespective of your stance on the big issue of the day, Brexit is the result of politicians by the politicians but for the country, it is like Britain has had its throat slit.

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UK Constitution Committee: Brexit Trade Deals “keeping public in the dark” and “fundamentally undemocratic”

10 May 2019 — True Publica

UK Constitution Committee: Brexit Trade Deals "keeping public in the dark" and "fundamentally undemocratic"

TruePublica Editor: We have consistently said since the EU referendum result that Brexit will begin a new era of deregulation as American style neoliberal capitalism goes for its last hurrah, the result being that disaster capitalism will dominate for another generation. Campaigners for Brexit rode on a ticket of immigration, ‘taking back control’ from ‘unelected bureaucrats’ and an unbridled new economic horizon will emerge where the sun does not set. This is the sixth report in a series from the UK Parliament’s Constitution Committee does not reflect this view in the slightest –  which has additionally slammed the government’s secretive trade deal negotiations as nothing more than “anti-democratic.” The language used by expert witnesses in these reports speak for themselves; “seriously inadequate, undemocratic, not fit for purpose, outdated, inadequate for major international agreements and so on.
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Video: Brexit crisis and the civil war in Labour

3 May 2019 — In Defence of Marxism
Alan Woods discusses the battle in the Labour Party over the question of a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership. The Tories are torn apart over Brexit, yet rather than uniting behind their party leader, right-wing Labour MPs are putting their energies into attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Sooner or later, judgement day will come for Theresa May, and the opportunity for Corbyn’s Labour to form a government will present itself. But how will Corbyn deal with the wreckers in his ranks, and the question of the EU?

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Brexit Delay: the Soviets Would Have Understood It By Seth Ferris

20 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


So the Brexit saga has taken another twist, and become even more confusing and uncertain. All we can predict is that whatever the UK government says will happen is the one thing which won’t. May has failed to deliver Brexit. Instead she keeps coming back to parliament with an appalling deal. She’s now delaying Brexit and trying to get her deal passed again.

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Brexit – The truth about the economy and what’s next

15 April 2019 — True Publica

Last December, TruePublica broke the news that the mainstream media had either misunderstood or blatantly misquoted a very particular study about the real cost of Brexit. The most accurate of reports of that study in the MSM stated that –Theresa May’s Brexit deal is expected to cost the UK economy as much as £100bn over the next decade compared with remaining in the EU, according to one of the country’s leading economic thinktanks.”

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May offers Corbyn “national unity” Brexit agreement talks By Chris Marsden

3 April 2019 — WSWS

Prime Minister Theresa May emerged from a fractious seven-hour cabinet meeting of her Conservative Party with an unprecedented offer to collaborate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to secure an agreement on Brexit they could jointly recommend to parliament. If agreed, this would then be put to the European Union.

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