Workshop on Northern Ireland: The legacy of collusion

9 December 2019 — Statewatch

Statewatch Workshop on Northern Ireland: 

Thursday 30 January 2020: 18.00 – 20.00 at:

Statewatch, c/o: MAYDAY ROOMS,,88 Fleet St, London EC4Y


On 20 November 2019 the Presiding Coroner for Northern Ireland, the Honourable Mrs Justice Keegan, set a timetable to hear the 71 outstanding Legacy Inquests into killings that date back as far as the 1970s over the next five years. At the same time, there are a number of related on-going criminal and Police Ombudsman investigations.

Many of these inquests and investigations raise issues of collusion between members of British security forces and members of paramilitary groups. Some of the inquests have been grouped together, for example, those into deaths in Mid-Ulster between 1990 and 2000 which were claimed by Loyalists paramilitaries and those in which it appears that undercover soldiers may have been present prior to a fatal incident occurring.

This is turn raises issues about appropriate punishment for those found to have been responsible for unlawful killings.


Paddy Hillyard, Co-Chair of Statewatch and author of Suspect Community: People’s Experience of the Prevention of Terrorism Acts in Britain

Geoff Bell, Labour for Irish Unity and author of Hesitant Comrades: The Irish Revolution and the British Labour Movement 

If you would like to come to the Workshop please reply to this message with “NI Workshop book” .in the subject line to:

Statewatch: Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
c/o MDR,88 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1DH
tel: +44(0)203 691 5227

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