Information Clearing House Headlines 19-20 December 2019

20 December 2019 — Information Clearing House

Dem Controlled House Impeaches Trump

By Stephen Lendman
Only 5% of Republican respondents support impeachment compared to 85% of Dems. –Continue


How The Deep State Sunk The Democratic Party

By Moon Of Alabama
House Democrats continue to party on their Titanic voyage even as there are clear signs that the impeachment iceberg will sink them. – Continue


Chemical Weapons Watchdog Is Just an American Lap Dog

By Scott Ritter
The once-admired body is now being used by the U.S. and its European NATO allies to support regime-change activities in member states. – Continue


The Richest Country’s Empty Plates. 50 Million Hungry Americans

By Larry Romanoff
About 25% of the American population today cannot buy sufficient food to remain healthy. – Continue


In case you missed it:

Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

By Jasper McChesney
Not only do the wealthy have the most influence; ordinary voters have basically none. – Continue


How Would Jesus Fare in the American Police State?

By John W. Whitehead
What if, instead of being born into the Roman police state, Jesus had been born at this moment in time? – Continue


The Dirty War On The NHS

By John Pilger & Afshin Rattansi.
Pilger investigates the long and often secret campaign to dismantle Britain’s pioneering National Health Servi

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