Bolivia 24-27 December 2019

27 December 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Persecution of Evo’s Main Ministers in Bolivia

Bolivia’s Dictator Seeks to Annihilate Opposition From Exile

Bolivia’s Free Territory of Chapare Has Ousted the Coup Regime and Braces for Bloody Re-invasion

Bolivia’s Free Territory Of Chapare Has Ousted The Coup Regime And Is Bracing For A Bloody Re-Invasion

Evo Morales Says He Is ‘Absolutely Convinced’ US Led Coup in Bolivia to Exploit Lithium Reserves

Mexico: Chronicle Of A Coup Foretold

US-EU Interventionism in Latin America and the Klaus Barbie Affair

Bolivia’s MAS Leader: “Our Advantage Is Not To Be Afraid Of Death In Defense Of The Country”

Bolivia News Links 24 December 2019

We Must Overcome Our Atomization to Beat Back Neoliberal Fascism

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