COLDTYPE Issue 196 December 2019 – is now online

27 December 2019 — Coldtype

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LABOUR CRASHES: Well, that’s that, then. Boris Johnson won the UK election by a landslide and Brexit is a done deal. Time to turn our attention to other matters? Perhaps not! In our 16-page General Election Special, ColdType contributors look behind the headlines: At the relentless media coverage that was determined to cast Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as an evil commie, antisemite, terrorist-loving, enemy of the state; at the less-than-critical coverage of Boris Johnson; and at the still-murky future of Britain’s relationship with Europe. Contributors: Jonathan Cook, Callum Alexander Scott, Nicholas Jones, Ron Fassbender, Neil Clark, Granville Williams and George Monbiot. We’ve also got more views and forthright opinions from George Galloway, John Pilger, Dahr Jamail, Bob Lord, Vijay Prashad, CJ Hopkins and Lee Camp. Plus a 6-page photo story by Gideon Lewin.

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