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19 June 2020 — DeSmog UK

It has perhaps been a long time coming, but the UK government is finally thinking about putting its money where it’s mouth is. Or should that be withdrawing its money from where its mouth shouldn’t be?

This week, it was announced that the government was considering steps to stop supporting fossil fuel projects abroad through its various agencies, including UK Export Finance (UKEF) and the development company CDC Group (formerly the Colonial Development Corporation).

It seems stories about how the UK is investing billions in these dirty projects despite posing as a climate leader – such as thisthisthisthisthisthisthis and this – are finally cutting through (yes, we’ve been covering this beat a while).

Of course actions > words, but at least these words are befitting of a country still preparing to lead the next UN climate talks (now not until Nov 2021). I guess that means there’s still plenty of time for Alok Sharma and his buddies to actually make this happen, at least.

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UK Government Supporting Overseas Fossil Fuel Projects at Risk of Becoming ‘Stranded’

The UK government is supporting overseas fossil fuel projects that would become unprofitable if emissions were reduced in line with the Paris Agreement, according to analysis by thinktank Carbon Tracker.

While the UK is phasing out domestic coal use, and aims to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050, the government still supports polluting projects overseas through its export credit agency, UK Export Finance (UKEF). Read more…

Ireland’s Prospective Coalition Outlines Ambitious Climate Programme

Ireland’s three prospective coalition partners have just agreed the strongest commitments to climate and environmental action in over a decade.

The newly published Programme for Government is “the most progressive programme for government from a climate point of view that we’ve seen”. Read more…

Comment: It’s Unacceptable that Gas Firms are Helping Pick Which Projects the EU Approves

Without significant reforms, there is no way the EU will be able to deliver on its bold promises.

At the heart of EU energy policy is a remarkable conflict of interest that is tying the region into gas infrastructure and holding it back from meeting its climate commitments, while steering taxpayer money to subsidise harmful and unnecessary gas projects.
Read more…


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