Thierry Deronne :“The Revolt That Is Happening in the United States Is the Same One That Founds the Resistance of the Venezuelan People”

1 June 2020 — American Herald Tribune

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen: What is the current situation in Venezuela?

Thierry Deronne: The daily problems derived from the US blockade and sabotage, such as the lack of water, gas, electricity, petrol, or the price war of a predominant sector, which have brutally reduced the purchasing power, have not caused the popular revolt that the United States is hoping for. On the one hand because the government continues to invent restraint barriers, allowances, food at low prices, on the other hand because the population has been in a resistance school for at least six years, helps each other and adapts very quickly.

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Think Global Extra – June 2020

1 June 2020 — Global Justice Now


Welcome to June’s edition of Think Global Extra, the monthly update for Global Justice Now activists and those interested in getting active with us. If you want to encourage someone else to sign up for it (and we’d encourage all group members to, as well as those who aren’t in groups) they can do so at

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Happy birthday to us! Drone Wars UK is ten

1 June 2020 – Drone Wars

Happy birthday to us! Drone Wars UK is ten

Rather unbelievably, Drone Wars UK is ten years old this week. Although I had been researching and writing about drone warfare earlier, Drone Wars UK as a blog, an organisation, an entity came into being on 1st June 2010.  In the decade since, the use of armed drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles – or ‘remotely piloted air systems’ as we are pressed by some to call them – has (ahem) taken off.  As we and many others feared and predicted, the use of these systems has become virtually normalised and are spreading across the globe, and yet this is still only, I would suggest, the beginning of the drone war era.
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Stock markets innoculated, but economy remains vulnerable due to underlying condition – low profitability

31 May 2020 — theplanningmotivedotcom

In many ways, we are now in the eye of the hurricane or cyclone. That eerie calm with clear blue skies. But as any meteorologist knows, the tail winds that follow this calm are more powerful and destructive than the leading winds which have recently passed.