Watch: The Closing Down of the Global Economy and the Corona Crisis. Poverty is Worldwide

21 June 2020 — Global Research

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

This video featuring Prof. Michel Chossudovsky was first released on April 20, 2020


Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings. In developing countries, poverty and despair prevail.

While the lockdown is presented to public opinion as  the sole means to resolving a global public health crisis, its devastating economic and social impacts are casually ignored.

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‘Six Months To Avert Climate Crisis’: Climate Breakdown And The Corporate Media

22 June 2020 — Media Lens

In his classic science fiction novel, ‘Foundation’, Isaac Asimov posited a future in which ‘psychohistorians’ could predict outcomes based on past history and the large-scale behaviour of human populations by combining psychology and the mathematics of probability. Using ‘psychohistory’, the protagonist Hari Seldon discovers that the 12,000-year-old Galactic Empire will collapse in 500 years. He warns the galactic rulers of this likely fate, while explaining that an alternative future in which human knowledge is preserved can be attained. For his trouble, he is exiled to the remote planet of Terminus.

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COVID-19 and Catastrophe Capitalism

1 June 2020 — Monthly Review Press

Commodity Chains and Ecological-Epidemiological-Economic Crises

by and

Global logistics concept illustrationImage credit: William B. Cassidy, “Shippers seek stability ahead of patchwork COVID-19 recovery,”, May 18, 2020.

John Bellamy Foster is editor of Monthly Review and a professor of sociology at the University of Oregon. He is the author, most recently, of The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift (with Brett Clark) and The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology—both published by Monthly Review Press in 2020. Intan Suwandi is an assistant professor of sociology at Illinois State University and author of Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism (Monthly Review Press, 2019). They thank Fred Magdoff for his invaluable comments.

COVID-19 has accentuated as never before the interlinked ecological, epidemiological, and economic vulnerabilities imposed by capitalism. As the world enters the third decade of the twenty-first century, we are seeing the emergence of catastrophe capitalism as the structural crisis of the system takes on planetary dimensions.

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Tory MP: Student nurses ‘not deemed to be providing a service’

23rd June 2020 — True Publica

Tory MP: Student nurses ‘not deemed to be providing a service’

TruePublica Editor: This government is a constant source of amazement nowadays. They are now being sued by doctors for not providing PPE, families for the deaths of elderly parents, sons and daughters who have seen front line key workers in mortuaries and for handing out multiple £muti-million contracts to dodgy outfits who have failed to deliver. And this is just their handling of the pandemic. There’s so much more corruption and dodgy dealing going on it’s becoming the new norm. Boris Johson’s government is now immersed in a pool of malfeasance, nepotism and the fraud of taxpayers. It is run by technocrats obsessed with data surveillance, focus groups and public relations. One day, unless it’s too late, they might realise that good governance is what they are paid for.

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