ColdType Mid-July (Issue 210) is now online

16 July 2020 — ColdType


You can read this issue at or at


  • WHERE HEAVEN MEETS HELL: Welcome to another issue packed with first-rate writing from our multi-talented authors. In our top stories, Joe Allen describes an almost-but-not-quite biblical trek that took him from the pristine heights of Oregon’s Mt. Hood to the ’Murcan reality of Independence Day in the state’s wildest city; while Greg Palast exposes more election shenanigans in our second excerpt from his about-to-be-blockbuster new book, How Trump Stole 2020; and Danny Sjursen tells of his part in a protest at Donald Trump’s recent Tulsa election rally.
  • Other top stories include Jonathan Cook on Israel’s planned annexation of much of the West Bank, V.J. Prashad on the international wrecking crews of the US and UK, Caitlin Johnstone on the overwhelming impact of propaganda, Alan MacLeod on a strange computer game;and C.J. Hopkins on the New Totalitarianism.
  • We also have a new short story from British novelist Trevor Hoyle, a photo essay from a new book on Native American resistance by John Willis, a 60th anniversary look at the movie Psycho by Ben McCann, and other contributions from George Monbiot, Rory O’Connor, John W. Whitehead, Lee Camp, and more Random Thoughts from Andrew Fischer.


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