ColdType Mid-August 2020 (Issue 212) is now online

15 August 2020 — ColdType

You can read this issue at or at


  • OFF THE WALL! We’ve got a mixed bag of stories for you in this issue.
  • Our main stories include the first in Joe Allen’s two-part series on life on the road with the international rock ’n roll circus, in which he tells of the death-defying antics of the riggers – his job before the pandemic – who build the giant sets for the world’s biggest stars.
  • We’ve also got David Niddrie’s tale of the Covid-19 decisions that had South Africans scratching their heads in lockdown bewilderment, while Lee Camp and C.J. Hopkins take us into a world where elephants are executed, and the New Normals are planning a world takeover.
  • In other stories, we join Linh Dinh in the streets of Belgrade, Ronnie Kasrils remembers Fidel Castro, and Sam Pizzigati looks at the risks and rewards of US healthcare.
  • We’ve also got a pair of essays on tensions in the East, featuring Conn Hallinan on the Himalayan conflict between China and India, and Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies on the new Cold War between the US and China.
  • We’ve also got John Pilger, who warns of the dangers of another Hiroshima, Tony Sutton’s review of a new book by Linda McQuaig, a photo essay from Life magazine stalwart Ed Clark, and Carly Osbornonreading P.G. Wodehouse in a pandemic. And more . . .


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