The Virus strikes again: The A-Level results fiasco

16 August 2020 — The Good Law Project

Today we have launched legal action against Ofqual over failings in the process for awarding A Level results.

We have received hundreds of emails from devastated students, whose grades have been downgraded and who have lost their university places and job offers, lost funding and scholarships, and completely lost their faith that their Government will help.

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The New Normal: “Covert Moral Enhancement” for “coronavirus defectors”

14 August 2020 — Off Guardian

Academic article suggests putting psycho-active drugs in the water supply to make people “co-operative”

Kit Knightly

Four days ago the Conversation – an “independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community”published an article headlined:

‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

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PETER HITCHENS: My suspicion is that the wrecking of the economy and the state-sponsored panic of these times has killed more people than Covid ever did

16 August 2020 — Mail on Sunday

[What a turn-up! I’m reduced to using the Mail on Sunday for something closer to the truth regarding the government’s response, allegedly, to the Virus. Who wudda thunk it? – The New Dark Age]

By Peter Hitchens for The Mail on Sunday

Actually, I have had enough. So should you have had enough. The time has come for real discontent, or there will be no end to our mistreatment and humiliation by this Government.

The Virus: Prof Robert Endres Imperial College London 31.5.20

31 May 2020 — Youtube

Robert: I am a fundamental research scientist who uses his quantitative physics background to analyse biological data and to develop predictive models, mostly for processes at the cellular scale. In this interview I discuss the importance of a broad public debate of the Covid-19 health crisis, which should encompass the various scientific opinions, as well as their implications for our society and economy. Regarding scientific approaches, I would like to see the same rigorous scientific criteria applied as the ones we expect our students to use on a daily basis, in particular the critical assessment of the limitations of the methods and obtained results. For additional clarification, key scientific approaches to virus pandemics include virology (the study of viruses at the microscopic structural level), immunology (the study of our very complex innate and adaptive immune systems protecting us from pathogenic infections), and epidemiology (the mathematical modelling of disease outbreaks such as epidemics and even larger pandemics).
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Lebanon should look East and abandon the West

14 August 2020 — Asia Times

Post-blast Lebanon has everything to gain from rejecting the West’s neoliberal demands and embracing China’s Belt and Road

By Pepe Escobar

As much as Covid-19 has been instrumentalized by the 0.001% to social engineer a Great Reset, the Beirut tragedy is already being instrumentalized by the usual suspects to keep Lebanon enslaved.

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The Reaction of the Left to Lockdown

15 August 2020 — Off Guardian

Darren Allen

In April I wrote a postscript to my critique of the ‘unofficial left’ (David Graeber, Noam Chomsky, Media Lens, etc.) criticising their non-response to the already highly suspicious coronavirus narrative. Things have moved on — now into the past tense — so here is the same summary, now updated and revised.

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