ColdType December 2020 (Issue 217) is now online

5 December 2020 — ColdType

Coldtype 217

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  • ON THE BUSES – In this issue’s cover story, Dougie Wallace takes to the streets of London to bring a six-page photo documentary that captures the emotions – fear, stoicism and downright joy – of commuters on the city’s iconic big red buses during their daily struggle against Covid-19.In other main stories, Jonathan Cook tells how Mike Pompeo is spending the final days of the Trump era setting the stage for the country’s inflammatory ’new normal’ on Israel, while Joe Allen discusses the 10 transitions in society that will define 2020, and John Pilger describes Britain’s long-running class war on children.

    Tom Engelhardt tracks the history of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire, Yves Engler tells how Canadians are starting to fight their country’s war machine, and Matthew Brown describes the complicated legacy of footballer Maradonna.

    We’ve also got haunting photographs from Arnaud Montegard’s, safari across the United States, Keith Williams with a delightful tale of Batmen, unicorns and men on the moon, Paul Magna on the trial of a group of anti-nuke activists, plus Sarah Anderson on the linking-up of meatpackers and farmers, George Monbiot on the dangers confronting Britain’s food supply after Brexit, Sam Pizzigati on the day Wall Street went wild, Kathy Kelly on that never-ending war in Afghanistan, and C.J. Hopkins on Germany


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