New study reveals dramatic rise in global pesticide poisonings

9 December 2020 — Pesticide Action Network

Worldwide poisonings up from 25 million in 1990 to 385 million today

In a comprehensive study released today, scientists report that pesticide poisonings on farms around the world have risen dramatically since the last global assessment 30 years ago. Based on an evaluation of available poisoning data from countries all over the world, the researchers conclude that there are about 385 million cases of acute poisonings each year, up from an estimated 25 million cases in 1990.

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Shell: master of the makeover?

11 December 2020 — DESMOGUK

A fresh policy, a new logo, a sharp haircut, a feel-good ad.

Rebranding – personal, professional or political – is a powerful tool that can reshape the narrative and win over hearts and minds.

Shell is a master of the makeover. Looking at its Twitter account, you might assume the company had recently burst forth, Phoenix-like from the flames, on an altruistic mission to help us irresponsible individuals fight our carbon-filled existence – asking innocent questions like “What are you willing to change to help reduce emissions?”

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International Experts Issue Important Warning on Non-Ionising Radiation

11 December 2020 — Counter Currents


In recent years a lot of  attention has been drawn to the high hazards of non-ionising radiation which have unfortunately been ignored for too long. Adding in a very significant way to these warnings last month an organization of prominent international experts  issued an important statement on serious and adverse health impacts of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR). This statement has been issued by Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE). PHIRE is an independent association of medical doctors and associated specialists assembled for the purposes of improving education regarding health effects of non-ionising radiation.

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Global Breaking News on GMOs and Pesticides 11 December 2020

11 December 2020 — Sustainable Pulse

Editors’ picks

Glyphosate Causes Genetic Changes Leading to Increased Disease in Future Generations – New Study

Exposure to the widely used weed-killer glyphosate makes genetic changes to rats that can be linked to increased disease in their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a new study has found. The study provides evidence that glyphosate-induced changes to sperm from exposed rats could be used as biomarkers for determining propensity in subsequent generations for prostate and […]

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Dangerous Provocations Ahead for Iran

9 December 2020 — Land Destroyer

(Tony CartalucciNEO) – The recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been framed by an almost gleeful Western media as an attempt to ensure incoming US President Joe Biden does not return to the so-called “Iran Nuclear Deal” signed while he was Vice President in 2015.

The story goes that Biden had hoped to return the US back to a prominent leadership role upon the global stage and that making peace with Iran was among his priorities.

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Sausage Making at FDA: How Human Cancer Cells Got Into Vaccines

12 December 2020 — The Defender

In a 2012 meeting, the FDA voted to allow the use of human fetal cells and adult human tumor cells in vaccines, despite acknowledging the many risks, including that vaccine recipients might later develop cancer.

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“If the American people knew some of the things that went on at the FDA, they’d never take anything but Bayer aspirin.” — Len Lutwalk, FDA scientist

“The FDA, by spinelessly knuckling under to every whim of the drug companies, has thrown away its high reputation, and in doing so, forfeited our trust.” — Drummond Rennie, deputy editor of JAMA

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