Exposing Monsanto’s secret documents

8 December 2020 — US Right to Know

Did you know Monsanto had “fusion center” to monitor and discredit journalists and public health groups? And U.S. Right to Know was a prime target.

In fact, Monsanto ran an entire PR campaign (involving 11 employees, two PR firms and the world’s largest pesticide firms) to try to discredit our investigation into their relationships with professors and top universities.

Why? In Monsanto’s words, “USRTK’s investigation will impact the entire industry.”

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You can read the Monsanto documents here.

Questions for Politico: A top U.S. news outlet is hosting an “Oxford-style debate” Dec. 9 on “pesticides and a resilient food system” – sponsored by none other than Bayer. What is Politico thinking? If you have questions for the panel, you can submit them here.

Public health must-read news of the week:

ICYMI: More Coke internal discussions revealed in documents obtained by USRTK

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For our right to know,
Carey, Gary, Sai, Stacy

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