New Documents Reveal More British Efforts To Undermine Russia

15 February 2021 — Moon of Alabama

In 2018 we wrote about:

The ‘Integrity Initiative’ – A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The “Russian Threat”.

The reporting was based on the British Integrity Initiative’s internal files which some ‘anonymous’ organization had acquired and published.

Data acquired from Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office by the same group revealed large British propaganda programs in support of Jihadis in Syria as well as British influence operations designed to undermine the security institutions of Lebanon and to secretly influence its population.

Now another large set of files has been published by the same source. These describe an extensive British government program designed to undermine Russia by organizing and financing ‘independent’ Russian language media, by ‘training’ Russian journalists and by secretly paying Russian influencers. It is certainly not the only British anti-Russia program but it probably has, secretly, the most public influence.

The anonymous author has laid out the complete Undermining Russia program in four extensive parts: Onetwothreefour.

The information discussed is from government files which outlay various projects and from companies and -interestingly- from charities who make bids to run the FCO projects. All underlying files are available for download as one archive file (~80 MB).

The most interesting files are the bids the companies make for projects. They reveal previous projects, methods and people and thereby create the larger picture.

The budget for the various anti-Russian projects runs at dozens of millions pounds per year. The first programs were launched in 2016 and some continue through this year.

A ‘Supplier Event’ for one of the projects laid out the general idea:

Programme Strands

  • ENGAGE – working through the British Council to implement people-to-people activities between ethnic Russians and local communities to develop links along the lines of 21st century skills – includes English language skills and media literacy, social enterprises and cultural activities;
  • ENHANCE – supporting independent media in Russia’s near abroad to bring balance and plurality to Russian language media, in the Baltic States and Eastern Partnership countries;
  • EXPOSE – by debunking and exposing Russian disinformation in real time, which can be reported in mainstream media with the goal to expose malign state disinformation in countries that are targeted by it. If you expose disinformation, it is less likely to be impactful; therefore, the Russian State becomes less credible.
  • ENABLE – working with allied governments through the Government Communication Service to improve their strategic communications to their populations.

Note that ‘Russian disinformation’ is whatever Britain does not like about Russia. ‘Exposing’ such ‘disinformation’ is best done by spreading one’s own. These are not defensive programs but attacks on Russia.

Projects to achieve the above were to be implemented in nearly every country that borders Russia and has a Russian speaking minority as well as in Russia itself.

The British government does not want you to know about such projects. The ‘Supplier Event’ sheet says:


No unauthorised disclosures of activity on this work. Contract will need to take a look at who we are working with. Basic IT security reasonable steps should cover our requirements but the FCO may request an explanation of wat steps have been taken to ensure security and Duty of Care.

It should be noted that for security reasons, some grantees will not wish to be linked to the FCO. It should be noted that the Programme Team would prefer the programme documents do not end up in the Russian media. We know that they are following us, and we are expecting an expose soon.

What is the overall purpose of such secret programs? The author of the Undermining Russia series explains that with regards to the ‘poisoning’ of Alexei Navalny:

Many years of painstaking work of HMG through its embassies and intelligence cutouts precede a chemical attack. They create Media, CSOs and pseudo humanitarian organisations that happen to be just at the correct place and in the correct time with their cameras ready when ‘suddenly’ a dreadful accident ‘shocks every one into action’.

Do you believe HMG staged the ‘Navalny accident’ as part of some kind of a secret operation? Did HMG create Media outlets, nurture bloggers and stringers that it controlled? Did it engage Russia’s youth and CSOs? Did it try to demonise Putin just like it had done with Assad by labeling them Evil Dictators who poisoned their people with forbidden chemical weapons? Do you know what all of this is needed for? They need it to delegitimise a leader of a country and convince people around the world that ‘no holds should be barred to fight a mad dictator’. Can you grasp the gravity of what is going on? Well, you ought to. They are preparing us for war with the Russians and the Chinese. They are looking for casus belli, and only the truth can stop them, because ‘if wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth’. (Julian Assange)

That view is not even exaggerated. The ‘west’ has the knives out against Russia. We previous mentioned a report from the Pentagon think tank RAND which evaluated how to best ‘unbalance and overextend’ Russia. In the end it was clearly aimed at regime change in Russia, or if not otherwise possible, war. On Friday Gabriel Felbermayr, the president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, was asked by a German radio station about new sanctions the EU might impose on Russia. He is skeptic that those might work because (my translation):

The aims we have towards Russia are very big. We do not want anything less but regime change in Russia, which is difficult to achieve by economic pressure.

The new documents also reveal some interesting new points on Navalny who seems to be on the British government payroll:


These self-exposing documents show that the FCO has established a network of popular YouTubers in Russia who investigate corruption in the government, and the YouTubers get assistance from some journalists from the Baltic States. Also, the FCO has experience of instigating protests in Russia.

By now you must have guessed the identity of one of the popular YouTubers investigating corruption. After obtaining EXPOSE Network files and examining the case studies two years ago, we didn’t figure out which YouTuber the FCO supported through ZINC. We refrained from making any preliminary conclusions even when journalists discovered that Vladimir Ashurkov, a close ally of Alexei Navalny, was a part of the Integrity Initiative cluster.

But when we saw Mr. Navalny and Bellingcat together, things started to make sense. By digging deeper, we discovered another Navalny’s supporter who lives in London – some shadowy Maria Pevchikh who is promoting a system of smart voting in Russia. The Labour used a similar voting system to take the votes of the Conservatives. So, basically it is highly likely that the UK recommended the system to Mr. Navalny.

It also turned out that Navalny began a smear campaign against the RT – one of the few media outlets in the West that allows those who disagree with the official position of western government to speak out. Note that Navalny’s campaign was running in parallel with that of the Integrity Initiative. A reasonable question is – why Navalny who is mostly engaged in political battles inside Russia spends time fighting a TV network operating outside the country? Was RT really such a problem for him? No, it wasn’t. It was a problem for the Western imperialists and apparently, they told Navalny to join in.

Anyway. Here are again links to the four parts of ‘Undermining Russia’: Onetwothreefour.

They give extensive insight into the methods the ‘west’ is using to destroy foreign countries. Knowledge that one needs to really understand what is happening in this world.

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