CNN And WaPo Demand That Trump Further Escalate Tensions With Russia by Caitlin Johnstone

2 April 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

CNN has aired a segment in which pundit Fareed Zakaria tells the network’s audience that the US president has “been unwilling to confront Putin in any way on any issue” and asks “will Venezuela be the moment when Trump finally ends his appeasement?”

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Corporate Media Propaganda: Protecting the EU from ‘Russian Influence’ – by Manufacturing History By Nina Cross

1 April 2019 — 21st Century Wire

It is now apparent with the release of the Mueller investigation findings, that the great storm that has embattled the US government and establishment since 2016 over supposed Russia-Trump collusion during the US elections, originates not from a genuine tangible source, but a constant stream of rhetoric  driven by partisan corporate media.  One certainty though is the Western narrative of Russia as a ‘malign influence’ will not go away.

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31 March 2019 — planningmotivedotcom

Pioneered and honed in the British Labour Party, now extended to the US Democratic Party

Israeli sponsored Zionism excels in political white noise. Every-time the State of Israel engages in an atrocity or is being accused of an atrocity, the anti-Semitic volume control is turned up to drown out what is happening. When the brave Palestinians in Gaza decided to rattle their cage to draw the world’s attention to their plight and were shot down by their jailers, the accusations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party were ratcheted up to unbalance the party and deflect this crime. Now that the International Criminal Court is about to charge Israel with war crimes, the accusations of anti-Semitism are once again flying everywhere.

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THE VETO: Film exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 and the western media propaganda war against Syria

30 March 2019 — 21st Century Wire


White Helmet Netflix documentary wins Oscar 2017 for outstanding performances in “rescue” videos.

I met journalist and friend Rafiq Lutf and cameraman Abdul-Mun’aim Arnous in January 2018 and I was honoured when Rafiq asked me to work with him on his film project, The Veto.

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The Surrealism of the Information War By Gilbert Mercier

26 March 2019 — News Junkie

The flow of knowledge and information is commonly considered the main vector of humanity’s progress through history. One would think that in our era, which is rightly called the time of the information super-highway, the sheer mass of information available to all humans, anywhere at any given time, would have exponentially increased our understanding of our world and each other. This is, however, not the case.

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US Troll Factories, Artificial Intelligence And Cyberwarfare (II) by Leonid SAVIN

21 March 2019 — Oriental Review

In Part I, we looked at a few manipulation techniques using artificial intelligence. However, it should be noted that the most effective influence is only possible with human involvement. In fact, cybernetics is essentially a human-machine interface, with people usually defining the objectives and carrying out the strategic analysis.

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VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 3) By Luis Garcia

21 March 2019 — Counter Currents


Millions can be seen, in photos and videos, supporting Maduro, the democratically elected Venezuelan President. If a westerner believes himself to be well informed by his Orwellian propaganda machine, can that westerner explain the reason why none of these images are shown in Western Lying Media?

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America’s Venezuela Strategy: Coup By Sheer Narrative Control by Caitlin Johnstone

20 March 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

The Trump administration is working to overthrow the government of Venezuela. They are not at this time doing this by military invasion, nor by funneling thousands of armed militants into the country, nor even solely with starvation sanctions and CIA ops. The first and foremost means of overthrowing Venezuela’s government currently being utilized by the United States government is the low-risk, low-cost plan to simply control the stories that everyone tells themselves about who is in charge in Venezuela.

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Venezuela: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 1) by Luis Garcia

17 March 2019 — Counter Currents

Apparently, most of Western sheep-like humans are buying all the imperial propaganda against Venezuela.

And the rest of Western human beings, the minority, they seem to have a lot of doubts about what’s going on in Venezuela, as if they were living in a Stone Age era without instant access to a titanic amount of information provided by an enormous variety of sources available on something called… the Internet.

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The “Museum of Communist Terror”: Institute of historical falsification planned for London By Thomas Scripps

12 March 2019 — WSWS

A network of extreme Brexiteer Tories and right-wing media figures plan to establish a “Museum of Communist Terror” in London.

This would be the first such project outside of a former Stalinist state, marking a major right-wing offensive in British politics. Its proponents hope to bury the popular appeal of socialism under a mountain of lies, to legitimate the far right and provide a spur to a devastating programme of social counterrevolution.

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RussiaGate as Organised Distraction By Prof. Oliver Boyd-Barrett

11 March 2019 — Off Guardian – Organisation for Propaganda Studies

Image source

For over two years RussiaGate has accounted for a substantial proportion of all mainstream US media political journalism and, because US media have significant agenda-setting propulsion, of global media coverage as well. The timing has been catastrophic.

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