Afghanistan News Links 3-5 September 2021

5 September 2021• 10:00 — The New Dark Age

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Taliban clashes with women protesters during rally for equal rights near presidential palace in Kabul (VIDEOS)

Back To Normal: Kabul Airport Reopened To Receive Aid, Taliban Fighters March In Victory Parade

Will Europe Create Its Own Military Force After Its Experience In Afghanistan?

Taliban asks its fighters to stop shooting in the air after reports of people killed & injured in celebratory gunfire

Taliban celebrates in Kabul after claiming it has captured Panjshir province, resulting in full control of Afghanistan

‘We want peace, but ready for war’: Panjshir resistance projects confidence as it braces for Taliban offensive (VIDEO)

7 Afghan evacuees to Germany failed security checks, 4 were previously deported as criminals – interior minister

US Reputation Is in Tatters, It’s Time to Bring Those Responsible for Afghanistan Disaster to Account

Afghanistan Recessional: Will It Lead to a War with Iran?

Afghanistan: To Recognise, or Not to Recognise, that’s the Question

‘Accountability to the People of Afghanistan Should Remain Our Focal Point’

‘So Much of This War Has Got Almost Nothing to Do With the Afghans Themselves’

Phyllis Bennis and Matthew Hoh on Afghanistan Withdrawal

Taliban Took Control Over Panjshir – SF Sources

Taliban Fighters Advance Deep In Panjshir Amid Reports Of Resistance Collapse (Videos, Photos)

Taliban No Longer Feels U.S. Love As Iran Gains U.S. Ground Hardware

Taliban Fighters Secure More Gains In Panjshir As Resistance Forces Retreat (Videos)

US Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Singapore and Vietnam

US Collected 4.8 Million Biometric Records Of Afghans

Whistleblower Shares Perspective On End To Afghanistan War

Stop The Terror Of The US Drone Killing Machine

At the End of this Hated War, We Need Truth

The “Uyghur genocide” narrative’s goal: proxy destabilization of Afghanistan

Is it Really Time for Iraq to Say Goodbye to its American Conquerors?

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (XII)

Some Hint For Larry Wilkerson (And His Partners in Video).

Afghanistan and the US corporate media

The Opportune Time to Help Afghan Refugees! Really, Since When?

What does the Future Hold for the US after the Afghan Debacle?

Aftermath of the Afghan Conflict for South Korea

Africa’s Uprising Is Frozen, Its Cry Swollen With Hope

Why the Taliban still can’t form a government

The Incantational Bewitchment of Propaganda

Kids die last as Biden plays tough guy: Humbled US Leaves Chaos and Mass Murder While Fleeing Afghanistan

The U.S. Foreign Policy ‘Establishment’ Is Incredibly Dumb

“Regressive, Conservative Forces Promoted by Imperialists in Afghanistan Prolonged Wars”

BBC ‘News’

Note: Not a word in any of the BBC’s ‘news’ reports about Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s complete disappearence during the Taliban’s takeover, this is spite of the report released by the UK Foreign Office on 22 July, 2021, warning of an imminent Taliban takeover.

Afghanistan: Life for those left behind

Afghanistan: Taliban break up women’s rights protest in Kabul

British soldier describes caring for Kabul airport baby

Afghanistan: Former vice-president tells BBC he’s in Panjshir Valley

Afghanistan: Fresh fighting in final anti-Taliban stronghold

Afghanistan: Despair of Brits and UK allies stuck behind Taliban lines

Afghanistan: British Army officers tell of ‘chaotic’ evacuation operation

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