Afghanistan News Links 29-30 September 2021

30 September 2021 • 15:00 — The New Dark Age

The Empire Does Not Forgive

The Military Industrial Media Complex: How the Pentagon Leaned on Hollywood to Sell the War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Impoverished People Live Amid Enormous Riches

On Afghanistan and Legitimate Resistance

60 Hours After Publishing A Fake News Report On Afghanistan The New York Times Still Spreads The Story

Victims “Stunned” After International Court Drops Probe Into US War Crimes In Afghanistan

US, UK prepare to re-engage Taliban

60 Hours After Publishing A Fake News Report On Afghanistan The New York Times Still Spreads The Story

30 September 2021 — Moon of Alabama

On Tuesday I provided that the New York Times and CNN were spreading fake news about Taliban policy in Afghanistan by quoting a hoax tweet from an imposter’s Twitter account.

Forty-eight hours later both stories are still uncorrected despite the fact that many have have pointed out the ‘error’ in them.
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If the United Nations Charter Was Put To a Vote Today, Would It Pass?: The Thirty-Ninth Newsletter (2021)

30 September 2021 — Tricontinental

Rafael Tufino Figueroa Puerto Rico La Plena 1952 54Rafael Tufiño Figueroa (Puerto Rico), La plena, 1952-54.

Dear friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

Each year in September, the heads of governments come to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to inaugurate a new session of the General Assembly. The area surrounding the headquarters becomes colourful, delegates from each of the 193 member states milling about the UN building and then going out to lunch in the array of restaurants in its vicinity that scraped through the pandemic. Depending on the conflicts that abound, certain speeches are taken seriously; conflicts in this or that part of the world demand attention to the statements made by their leaders, but otherwise there is a queue of speeches that are made and then forgotten.

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