Vaccine passports have already set us on a slippery slope

10 September 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Big Brother Watch Team

The steady march towards medical ID cards is on, after the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of vaccine passports this week. In Westminster, the Government is set to follow suit but won’t even commit to giving MPs a vote on the matter – as though votes in the House of Commons are now gifts from ministers. Meanwhile, the Welsh government will make a decision on the matter next week.

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How Covid passes urged a football fan to make a stand against his own sport

13 September 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Big Brother Watch Team

My name is Leon* and I work in the public sector. I would like to share my experience surrounding the use of Covid passports for entering sports venues, in particular Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Leicester City on 15th May 2021.

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Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-18

15 September 2021 — Indian Punchline

Pentagon claimed its “righteous strike” by a Reaper drone on Aug. 28 in Kabul killed an ISIS terrorist who turned out to be an aid worker. Attack killed 10, including 7 children, in a residential block.

18. India’s ‘over-the-horizon’ dilemma

In England, they’d plan a park, build it but wouldn’t complete it until they could observe  for a while the foot tracks of walkers, before deciding where to lay the pathways for optimal utility.

The Blinken Administration and Modi Govt apparently think they don’t have that luxury when it comes to Afghanistan. That is the troubling signal out of the Congressional hearing on Monday in Washington with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

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Afghanistan News Links 14-15 September 2021

15 September 2021 — The New Dark Age

Why the Taliban Had to Change. “Regime Change” Pre-negotiated with Washington?

Taliban Central Bank Seized $12,4 Million From Former Top Afghan Officials, Including Ex Vice President

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Black Agenda Report 16 September 2021

16 September 2021 — Black Agenda Report

Glen Ford Memorial Gathering

The memorial service for Glen Ford will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. The event will be live streamed on Youtube.

20 Years of Post-9/11 Amnesia

Margaret Kimberley, BAR Executive Editor and Senior Columnist
Memories of the last 20 years are rarely focused on increased state violence and repression in the post-9/11 world. The damage has largely been forgotten.
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U.S. “human rights” propagandists cover tracks of Uyghur terror

12 September, 2021 — See You in 2020 

Faced with the shift towards a multi-polar world, one where China is increasingly enabled to act as a benevolent facilitator of Global South economic development and international peace, the U.S. empire is seeking to sabotage the game of geopolitics. To throw ever more parts of the globe into anarchy, or at least a state of crisis, so that there isn’t a stable globe for the new multi-polar order to develop within.

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