Afghanistan News Links 14-15 September 2021

15 September 2021 — The New Dark Age

Why the Taliban Had to Change. “Regime Change” Pre-negotiated with Washington?

Taliban Central Bank Seized $12,4 Million From Former Top Afghan Officials, Including Ex Vice President

Taliban discovers cache of Soviet-made BALLISTIC MISSILES in Panjshir Valley (VIDEO)

Biden to launch NUCLEAR tech working group alongside UK and Australia in apparent bid to push back against China – reports

Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-18

Disorderly Retreat from Afghanistan: The U.S. Has Become an Overextended Military Empire Posing a Serious Threat to Its Long-term Security

‘Journey between hope & fear, resulting in epic failure’: Kabul journalist speaks to RT about 20-year war in Afghanistan

Afghanistan News Links 13-14 September 2021

Afghanistan women’s youth soccer team escapes to Pakistan

Afghanistan: Taliban leaders in bust-up at presidential palace, sources say

Beast of a Nation: Banality of Evil and Peppy Propagandists

Biden’s Attitude to Russia and China Shows that the New US is Just as Bad as the Old

Calculating The Full Cost Of War

Imposing Human Rights conditions on Afghan Government.

The Only Way To Effectively Counter Terror Is To End War

To Trump voters, chaos in Afghanistan ‘another betrayal’ by Biden

Understanding Is Good.

A 9/11 Reflection: Remember “Their” Crimes, Forget “Ours” by Paul Street

Who’s to Blame for Losing Afghanistan?

Why does Dushanbe Draw Widespread Attention?

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