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18 September 2021 — Keep Space for Peace

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

 Latest GN newsletter online & available in bulk (PDF)

 Inside the new Space Alert!

The latest edition of our Global Network newsletter, Space Alert, is now finished and at the printer.

  • Cover story by Koohan Paik-Mander is a must read.
  • We have a two-page spread in this issue about the explosion of space ports being built around the world in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Stories about coming super-power conflict over bases on the Moon and the pathway to get there.
  • ‘Colonies on Mars’ envisioned by the aerospace industry. One way ticket to the red planet is only $300,000 (that is at today’s prices so make your reservation ASAP!).
  • A special ‘In Memoriam: J. Narayana Rao Presente’ to remember one of our greatest GN leaders from India who passed away in June due to Covid.
  • And our usual section called ‘the funnies’…. you gotta laugh sometimes.
  • You can order bulk copies of the newsletter – just send a donation to help cover print/mailing costs.
  • You will find the full color version online here
  • Please share this email with others.
Rocket Lab in New Zealand
A protest was held at New Zealand’s Rocket Lab in June by a coalition of organizations opposing the militarization of the launch facility there.
Like many other communities around the globe, New Zealanders were promised that Rocket Lab would only do civilian launches. But Lockheed Martin has taken over the facility and offensive military missions are now the standard fare.
Free the Sky
Activists in northern California wore the new Global Net work T-shirts at one of their regular protests at Beale AFB.
Beale flies spy planes, drones and also has a ‘missile defense’ radar facility on the base.
We’ve got several new colors to pick from. Check the shirts out here.
‘Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.’
~ Henry David Thoreau
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