COP26 News Links 8-9 November 2021

9 November 2021 — The New Dark Age

The Sponsors of COP26 Are Behind the Corporate Greenwashing Agenda

Obama makes geographical blunder at COP26 in Glasgow

COP26 climate summit ends in failure

COP26 marchers resist unlawful kettling tactics

‘Golden’ steak mystery: Facebook can’t explain block of viral hashtag

COP26: Greening Finance?, by Thierry Meyssan

UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System

COP26: Wall Street Rolls Out Climate Finance

COP26: By 2100, Bangladesh may drown, Pakistan likely to face severe water shortage, fear experts

COP26: US Military ‘One of the Biggest Polluters in the Middle East’

COP26: World on track for 2.4C warming despite climate summit – report

Military pollution is the skeleton in the West’s climate closet

“A Crime Against Humanity”: The “Greenwash Festival” Of COP26

G20 States Scheme to Avoid Economic Commitments at COP26

BBC ‘News’ Coverage

COP26: Focus on gender as giant puppet takes centre stage

Climate change: What do scientists want from COP26 this week?

COP26: Obama tells young people to stay angry on climate fight

My day at COP26: ‘Being the local host is a really important job’

COP26: Rich countries ‘pushing back’ on paying for climate loss

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