‘A Crime Against Humanity’: The ‘Greenwash Festival’ Of COP26

8 November 2021 — Media Lens

One of the most damning assessments of COP26, the UN climate conference being held in Glasgow, came from Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist:

‘#COP26  has been named the must excluding COP ever.
This is no longer a climate conference.
This is a Global North greenwash festival.
A two week celebration of business as usual and blah blah blah.’

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Military pollution is the skeleton in the West’s climate closet

8 November 2021 — Jonathan Cook

Leaders at the COP26 summit have no intention of tackling the growing environmental impacts caused by their ‘defence’ spending

Middle East Eye – 8 November 2021

World leaders gathered in Glasgow last week for the COP26 summit in a bid to demonstrate how they are belatedly getting to grips with the climate crisis. Agreements to protect forests, cut carbon and methane emissions and promote green tech are all being hammered out in front of a watching world.

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Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-32

7 November 2021 — Indian Punchline


Bazaar in Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan, scene of violent clashes between Taliban and the Islamic State 

32. Taliban has a richer depth through the looking glass

India’s initiative to host a regional conference on Afghanistan in New Delhi on Wednesday has received a good response. With Tehran signalling acceptance of the Indian invite, only China’s response remains to be seen, as of now.

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