Black Agenda Report Thursday, 13 January 2022

Thursday, 13 January 2022 — Black Agenda Report

Nicaragua in the Multipolar World
The U.S. regime change effort in Nicaragua has failed. The people are determined to assert their rights of self-determination and the U.S. is not the only player on the world stage.

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns the Policies of the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination in Ukraine
The Ukraine crisis began in Washington, not in Moscow. The Obama/Biden regime change plot against an elected Ukrainian president reverberates to this day. International law must be followed if a dangerous situation is to be averted.

EXCERPT: Black Bourgeoisie
Revisiting E. Franklin Frazier’s classic sociological study Black Bourgeoisie should help us understand the misleaders of today’s Black superelite.

How will we pay for it?
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

Twitter Bans African Anti-Imperialists
Many liberals and even some leftists welcomed the removal of Twitter accounts for Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, Donald Trump, and other right-wing ideologues, but it was clear at the time that the left would be next, especially anyone particularly vocal in opposition to U.S. foreign policy.

BAR Book Forum: Interview with Calvin Warren
As part of the Black Agenda Report Book Forum, we interview scholars about a recent article they’ve written for either an academic journal or popular publication. We ask these scholars to discuss their article, as well as some of the books that have most influenced them.

This week’s featured scholar is Calvin Warren . Warren is Associate Professor in African American Studies at Emory University. His article is “Barred Objects ”.

New Legal Filing in Mumia’s Case
2022 may be the year that new evidence is released in the case of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal.

US War Lobby Fuels Conflict in Russia, Ukraine, and Syria: Ex-Pentagon Advisor
A former senior advisor at the Pentagon confirms what was obvious to those who pay attention. The Military Industrial Congressional Complex is more powerful than anyone who occupies the office of the presidency.

US Bombing Wars Remain Hidden from the American People
The military revealed the extent of its deadliness, acknowledging 337,000 bombs dropped around the world for the last 20 years.

The Long History Of Anti-Haitianism In The Dominican Republic
Anti-Haitian sentiment and policies in the Dominican Republic began with European colonialism and continued with U.S. imperialist policies.

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