New Big Data Study of 145 Countries Show COVID Vaccines Makes Things Worse (Cases and Deaths)

Monday, 10 January 2022 — — Global Research

I missed this study. So did the mainstream media for some reason. But this study is yet another independent analysis that is difficult to refute: we have been misled by the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

The next time you see you county health officer, President Biden, or Boris Johnson why not ask them if they can find a mistake in this study by Kyle A. Beattie entitled Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries (the PDF version is here).

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Kazakhstan News Links 10 January 2022

Monday, 10 January 2022 • 20:30 — The New Dark Age

US-Russian Negotiations On Security Guarantees Ended In Geneva (Video)

Putin and CSTO leaders meet to discuss Kazakhstan

Why the Kazakhstan Crisis Is a Much Bigger Deal than Western Media Is Letting On

There Was an Attempted Coup in Kazakhstan, but It Wasn’t by President Tokayev. Long Planned “Color Revolution”

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What War With Russia Would Look Like

Monday, 10 January, 2022 — Consortium News

Wendy Sherman thinks her aim in talks with Russian officials starting Monday is to lecture them on the cost of hubris. Instead she’s set to lead the U.S., NATO, and Europe down a path of ruin, warns Scott Ritter. 

Ahead of the formal talks, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Sunday in Geneva and told him Washington “would welcome genuine progress through diplomacy.” (Russian Mission in Geneva)

By Scott Ritter
Special to Consortium News

If ever a critical diplomatic negotiation was doomed to fail from the start, the discussions between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine and Russian security guarantees is it.

The two sides can’t even agree on an agenda.

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From Summits to Boycotts – America’s Waning Influence

Sunday, 9 January 2022 — New Atlas

(Brian Berletic – NEO) – In recent months the US has attempted to flex its geopolitical might on the global stage in regards to China.

First, the US attempted to trigger a widespread diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympic games. After announcing no US diplomats would attend the games in Beijing, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada followed. New Zealand would notify Beijing it would not send any diplomats “mostly to do with Covid,” Bloomberg would report.
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The Mauling of Novak Djokovic

Monday, 10 January 2022 — SouthFront

Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

[Breaking: Apparently, the Australian govt has released Djokovic from ‘detention’ to play the Australian Open, though the govt could still cancel his visa. B]

Rarely can the treatment of a grand sporting figure by officialdom have caused such consternation.  Novak Djokovic, the tennis World Number One, has always had a tendency to get under skin and constitution, creating a large following of admirers and detractors.  But his current treatment by Australian authorities, and his subsequent detention as an unlawful arrival despite being granted a visa to participate in the Australian Open, had the hallmarks of oppression and incompetent vulgarity.  In time, it may well also prove to have been another example of provincial opportunism and crass stupidity.

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Ecosocialist Bookshelf, January 2022

9 January 2022 — Climate & Capitalism

Start the new year with seven new books for red-greens and green-reds

Ecosocialist Bookshelf is a monthly Climate & Capitalism feature, hosted by Ian Angus. Books described here may be reviewed at length in future. Inclusion of a book does not imply endorsement, or that C&C agrees with everything (or even anything!) these books say.

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