Then & Now

Monday, 18 April 2022 — The New Dark Age

April 1933. Germany:

The Nazis began a boycott of Jewish-owned businesses. Stormtroopers positioned themselves in front of Jewish shops, with yellow stars painted on the houses and “Don’t buy from Jews” posters. The SA storm troopers (Hitler took over the SA in 1930) attack shops owned by Jews, pogroms ensue. Under the new law, only “Aryans” are recruited. Government employees of Jewish origin, including school and university professors, are dismissed.

April 2022 Germany:

People with Russian passports are “not welcome” in cafés. Clinics refuse to treat Russian patients. Children do not speak Russian on the street to avoid violence. Schoolchildren are forced to repent and answer “correctly” about Ukraine. Russian cultural figures are fired. Truck drivers get their cars beaten up. Russian TV channels are banned. There are “hate letters” in the mailboxes.

Since February 24, 2022, 383 crimes have been committed in Germany against Russian-speaking citizens, most of them Jews.

I will leave it here.

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