Watch: James Vasquez Is A Liar and a Fake

9 April 2022 — Youtube

Gonzalo Lira

James Vasquez’s tweet, where he lies about being in combat:…

Extended livestream where I go through all the James Vasquez lies in more detail: “Propaganda BTFO”

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☠️ Lest we forget – Nazi and Middle Eastern terrorist tactics are in their blood

No date but obviously  current

[Forwarded from Yellow SLIVES]

And, it seems, we have forgotten

  • Kaunas, 25 and 26 June 1941 – in less than an hour Lithuanians beat more than 50 Jews to death with metal rods to general applause.
  • Lvov, 30 June to 2 July 1941 – thousands of Ukrainian and Polish Jews were murdered right on the streets.
  • People were killed exclusively by “Westerners” [people from Western Ukraine or Gallicians], while the Germans only took pictures and filmed Nazi newsreels.

Eighty years later, instead of fascist propaganda, Banderite atrocities are broadcast by Western cesspits, turning modern Ukrainian Nazism and its bloody repression into “justification” for the junta’s murder of “dissenters” from the regime.

Kiev has banned parties that are not part of the Zelensky junta’s fairway.

Shut down the media, even the oligarchs closest to Bankova.

Killing or forcing political rivals to rot in SBU cellars.

Covering its troops with civilians [human shields] and publishing inhuman facts of violence against people.

The Bankova regime has long been using the tactics of not only Nazi scum, but also ISIS terrorists.

[Translation by DeepL]

A Love Letter To All Draft Dodgers

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 — Caitlin Johnson

by Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to a reading of this article:

The New York Times is naming and shaming Ukrainian men who’ve fled the country rather than stay and kill Russians for Washington, because it was illegal for men of military age to leave, and because their countrymen are angry at them, and because it’s the New York Times.

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Earth Calling Karim Khan… No Response

Tuesday, 12 April, 2022 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Stephen Karganovic

Dereliction of duty would be the most benign explanation for Khan’s and ICC’s negligent conduct.

The Bucha false flag scenario is inexorably falling apart just days after it was noisily launched. Not tarrying far behind the “international community” political clowns, whose boiler plate “assessments” of what supposedly happened hit the airwaves within an hour of the alleged occurrence, the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague also made it known that it was interested in the case. And that is where the above referenced Karim Khan comes into the picture.

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U.S. Military Intelligence Official Refutes ‘Russian Atrocities’ Claims

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 — Moon of Alabama

Russian soldiers left the town Bucha in Ukraine on March 30. Two days later the Ukrainian Gestapo like SBU and men of the fascist Azov battalion moved in to find and remove ‘traitors’. On April 2/3 video was published that showed freshly killed men laying on the streets of Bucha. Several of them had white arm bands signaling to Russian forces to see them as friendlies.

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Ukraine News Links 12-13 April 2022

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 • 16:30 — The New Dark Age

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The Music of Forgetting

Asian Fault Lines Of Biden’s War On Russia

Nuclear Weapons: The Case For Creating A Citizen’s Commission

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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Rossiya television network, Moscow, April 11, 2022

11 April 2022 17:55 — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation

Question: I would like to ask you about “strange” statements by European diplomats on the course of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said it must be won on the battlefield. This doesn’t really jibe with the EU’s status as a primarily political and economic organisation. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed regret over his earlier stance on the possibility of normal dialogue with Russia. So now he doesn’t think it’s possible. How is one supposed to talk with these people? How is one supposed to come to terms with them?

Sit Back and Watch Europe Commit Suicide

Tuesday, 12 April 2022 — Strategic Culture Foundation

If the US goal is to crush Russia’s economy with sanctions and isolation, why is Europe in an economic free fall instead?


The stunning spectacle of the European Union (EU) committing slow motion hara-kiri is something for the ages. Like a cheap Kurosawa remake, the movie is actually about the US-detonated demolition of the EU, complete with the rerouting of some key Russian commodities exports to the US at the expense of Europeans.

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