EU has spent over €340 million on border AI technology that new law fails to regulate

Thursday, 12 May 2022 — Statewatch

The EU has spent €341 million on research into artificial intelligence technologies for asylum, immigration and border control purposes since 2007, yet the proposed AI Act currently being debated in EU institutions fails to provide meaningful safeguards against harmful uses of those technologies, says a report published today by Statewatch.

The report, A clear and present danger: Missing safeguards on migration and asylum in the EU’s AI Act, identifies a total of 51 projects looking into diverse potential uses of AI technologies, including autonomous border control robots, biometric identification and verification devices, and automated data-gathering and analysis systems.

Private companies have received more of the funding (€163 million) than any other type of institution, with transnational military and security companies such as Indra, Leonardo, Israel Aerospace Industries and GMV Aerospace and Defence amongst the primary recipients.

The report is published in the same week that a coalition of human rights organisations, including Statewatch, have published proposals for amendments to the AI Act that would ensure the law provides fundamental rights protections for people subjected to AI systems in asylum, immigration and border proceedings.

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AI at the borders: Negotiations, regulations and fundamental rights

Join us this coming Monday at 16:00 GMT/17:00 CET to discuss the report and the key amendments that must be tabled in the European Parliament to adequately protect people on the move.

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