From Bad to Worse

Friday, 27 May 2022 — The van says…

No motivation, guns or hope. Videos such as these show that hopelessness is the rule rather than the exception across most of the Ukraine today.


Anybody who’s anybody knows that the situation in the Ukraine has gone from bad to worse to helpless over the last month. This article will look at how this is affecting the efforts of Kiev and its backers and what this will mean as we look to the future.

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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict; a Proxy War between Russia and NATO

Friday, 27 May 2022 — Geopolitica.RU

Leonid Savin

For the future development of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there are at least three scenarios and mixed options between them. First is a surrender of Ukrainian forces. It depends on the political decision of president Zelensky. But because NATO countries still providing weapon systems and arms to Ukraine I think it is not possible in near future. The second scenario is protracted conflict. It may be frozen or escalated but will be limited by region. The third variant is most dangerous and means more active involvement of NATO countries against Russia and Belarus (our ally and military partner) or Transnistria where the Russian military base and stocks are located. Kaliningrad enclave of Russia also is a possible target for the military attack of the West. In this case, Russia will strike back and nuclear weapons may be used.

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After the First Interrogations of the “Azovstal” Surrendered Ghouls, the Following Picture Emerges…

Sunday, 22 May 2022 — Stalker Zone

1. Almost all admit that they profess a Nazi ideology based on Russophobia and the glorification of Nazi criminals. Any crimes against the life of Russians and the Russian-speaking population of the former Ukraine were deliberately justified on the basis of the “racial superiority” of Ukrainians over the “Rusnya”. Members of the “Azov” battalion were directly instructed to physically abuse the civilian population of the “Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, as well as all those “suspected of sympathising with Russia”.

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Stella Assange BBC Interview: “I will keep fighting until Julian is free.”

Thursday, 26 May 2022 — The Assange Defense Committee

We just wanted to share Stella’s amazing appearance on BBC HARDtalk. In a wide-ranging interview that touched on Stella and Julian’s relationship, the U.S. allegations, and other topics, Stella spoke powerfully about what’s at stake and how she plans to keep fighting.

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Ukraine News Links 26-27 May 2022

Friday, 27 May 2022 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back. If it gets updated, I usually insert the time on the line above. A lot of cross-posting usually indicates that the article is popular and some links may not work, depending on your location but I’ve kept them anyway, so at least the reader has some idea of the scale of censorship now operating in the ‘democratic’ West.

A Bit Of MIlitary Porn.

Urging Europe to War: Applying the Corporate Levers

Civilizational Rift: a Small Bump or a Major Hurdle?

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