The June 2022 issue of ColdType (Issue 235) is now online

Saturday, 28 May 2022 — Coldtype


We all hoped that the much-publicised death of George Floyd in Minneapolis two years ago would bring a close to an era of police shootings of young black men in the United States. Unfortunately not, as is made evident in John Rothwell’s 6-page cover story from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Patrick Lyoya recently became the latest victim of over-zealous policing.

In this issue’s other main stories, Tom Engelhardt revisits his days as a child threatened by nuclear annihilation during a previous age, Chris Hedges warns of the dangers to free speech caused by the silencing of left wing voices from the internet and airwaves, and Jeremy Corbyn says it’s time for our leaders to stop the call for more war in Ukraine and find ways to bring peace instead.

Look further inside and you’ll find features on traffic wardens, climate denial, propaganda, Julian Assange, rock ‘n’ roll, unions at Starbucks coffee shops, Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol, the cost of living crisis, fairground strippers, and much more inspiring reading.


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