Black Agenda Report 8 June 2022

Wednesday, 8 June 2022 — — Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Report
June 8, 2022

U.S. Effort to Hurt Russia Undermines Itself and the World
Margaret Kimberley
The U.S. drive to dominate creates self-inflicted wounds and self-imposed crises. It also creates suffering around the world with only the most servile vassal states willing to do what Washington wants. 

For the Peoples of our Region, the Failure of Biden’s Summit of the Americas Would be a Welcome Event
Ajamu Baraka
The Summit of the Americas is not the property of the host nation. The U.S. has no right to exclude, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, but has done so in disregard of their sovereignty. The U.S. is not fit to judge others or to be responsible for bringing nations together. Every leader in the hemisphere should boycott what has become a farcical event.

DOCUMENT: The Decline of the United States Empire, James Boggs, 1963
Editors, Black Agenda Review
James Boggs was a Detroit auto worker, activist, and author. Nearly 60 years ago he analyzed revolutionary movements in the Americas and described their role in hastening the U.S. empire’s decline.

Why the Belt and Road Initiative Won’t be Derailed by the Ukraine Crisis
Danny Haiphong
Ukraine has been at the center of a massive geopolitical and economic whirlwind. But the turmoil caused by the U.S.-instigated conflict shouldn’t cause problems for the Belt and Road Initiative.

Why good guys with guns flunk out (In schools near you)
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

BAR Book Forum: Interview with Akinyele Umoja
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured scholar is Akinyele Umoja . Umoja is Professor of Africana Studies at Georgia State University. His article is “Maroon: Kuwasi Balagoon and the Evolution of Revolutionary New Afrikan Anarchism.” The article can also be found in the book, A Soldier’s Story: Writings by a Revolutionary New Afrikan Anarchist.

When America No Longer Exports Carnage As A Business Model, Maybe We’ll Stop Seeing It In The Streets Here
Jacqueline Luqman
The tears, prayers, and thoughts regarding mass shootings are sincerely expressed by most people. But hypocrisy and cynicism loom very large for Joe Biden and congress. They want us to believe that state violence is disconnected from violence carried out by individuals.

A Recap of My Trip to Cali and Buenaventura, Colombia
Charisse Burden-Stelly, PhD
The author recounts her experiences as a member of an election delegation in Colombia which also made connections with African descended communities.

Haiti and the Americas Syllabus
Haiti and the Americas Committee of Black Alliance for Peace
The Black Alliance for Peace Haiti-Americas Team Syllabus is a vital source of information and political education with articles, media resources, and statements which support BAP’s mission “to recapture and redevelop the historic anti-war, anti-imperialist, and pro-peace positions of the radical black movement.”

Colombia: World Power of Life or Neo-Fascist Pillar?
Agustín Laó-Montes
The leftist Historical Pact emerged as the favorite of Colombian voters in the recent election. But rightist forces are working to prevent Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez from winning in the second round and becoming President and Vice President of Colombia.

Hubert Henry Harrison – Tribune of the People
Sean I. Ahern
Hubert Henry Harrison was one of the foremost Black socialist and nationalist thinkers of the early 20th century. He was known as “the father of Harlem radicalism.” This is the first of a three-part commentary on works about Harrison beginning with A Hubert Harrison Reader, which will be followed by Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883-1918, and Hubert Harrison: The Struggle for Equality, 1918-1927.

How the Child Welfare System Is Silently Destroying Black Families
Dorothy Roberts
A single call from an anonymous tipster is all it takes for the government to take children from their families.

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