A Dynamic Situation

Wednesday, 8 June 2022 — The Van Says…

‘No talc on the dance floor?’ No Nazi symbology in front of the public would be a much better idea. Photo©️Juan Sinmiedo

Author’s Note

The author has produced numerous articles over recent months regarding various matters pertinent to the situation both in and out of Eastern Europe, yet as world affairs change from a revolutionary to evolutionary phase, and most central themes now having being covered, readers want an overview of the situation. New articles can be written that cover the developments of certain affairs, yet just like yesterday’s pizza, old material being reheated is hardly appetizing as either food for the belly or for the brain. It therefore makes more sense to look at a number of matters in each article rather than concentrating on just one central theme. How these articles will evolve over the next few weeks is anybody’s guess, yet news still needs to be covered in a balanced fashion in order that the reader gain an honest perception of what is really going on.

Bearing Down

The situation on the ground on the frontlines has been as complex as it has been dynamic, multiple advances on multiple fronts being the daily bread and butter of the Russian Army, a judicious use of assets and acumen meaning that maximum gains are made for minimum losses, be they civilian or military. The pace is slow, but as many have commented, Moscow wants to win the war through hearts and minds rather than the Ukrainian people losing their lives with Kiev losing its head as a result.

Attacks on Donetsk

Yet another attack on civilians of Donetsk by the Ukrainians. Photo©️Readovka

If there has been one notable failing of Russia’s Special Operation in the Ukraine, it has to be the fact that the city of Donetsk is still being subjected to artillery and rocket attacks, civilians dying daily as Kiev repeatedly orders attacks on civilian objectives in the city. The oblast of Lugansk is now under Russian control virtually in its entirety, but military maneuvers further south have meant that artillery and rockets can still cause casualties on a daily basis. It could be said that Russia should have done more, yet with the Donbass situation being what is was and then has become, there are valid reasons for slower progress in this area.

Fortress to Fulcrum

The last eight years have seen huge efforts made by both the Ukrainians and western nations to prevent any westward moves from the Donets Basin. The plans launched in mid-February by Ukrainian forces proved that Donetsk was the apple of Kiev’s eye, and the fortifications engineered to make the offensive possible will take time to be overcome. In all probability, it will turn into a cauldron, the Russian Army completely cutting the area off making rearmament and the supply of reinforcements impossible for Kiev. The battle in this region is not only critical to the Donbass Republics, but has become pivotal to the war in itself. Rather than being a showpiece ‘last stand’ as Azovstal was, the losses suffered in this region will accelerate the collapse of far larger areas, an already desperate situation for Kiev then turning into a rout.

Fulcrum to Failure

recent article took an in-depth look at some of the staffing issues presently facing the Ukrainian government, yet to prevent a retreat, certain units loyal to Zelenskiy are actually destroying bridges in the area of Svyatogorsk in order that troops have no option other than to fight Russian forces. The destruction of infrastructure is an oft-used tactic to prevent enemy advances, yet when used to against an army’s own troops, this is only seen with the penal battalions of previous conflicts.

Satellite State

There comes a point where private business becomes a military matter. Photo ©️Victor55

Aside from the fact that the Ukraine has been a satellite state run from Washington for nearly a decade, according to Elon Musk, it is now apparently the new owner of fifteen thousand Starlink satellite receivers. These allow military units to communicate using Musk’s array of over two thousand small satellites, yet one has to question when something de jure civilian become de facto military, be that a human or physical resource. A future article will look closer at the line dividing war and peace, yet as a wannabe part of the MIC, Musk and his company are certainly playing a big part in America’s war in Eastern Europe.

The Ins and Outs of Arms

It is no secret that western nations have been offloading any weaponry they can to Kiev, yet recently the UK and US are now promising to send MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) to the Ukraine at the same time as missiles and rifles from previous shipments are now appearing for sale on the dark net. Corruption and the theft of state assets have plagued the Ukraine since independence, yet even as what remains of the country is sitting on the brink, some of its inhabitants see benefits in bloodshed.

Caged Animals

Today they are behind bars. Only the lucky will remain so once the verdicts have been passed. Photo©️SolovievLive

Three months have passed since the first war criminals, Ukrainian or otherwise were apprehended by Russian and Donbass forces and in Donetsk at least it will not be long before the first of these animals begin to face the justice they so richly deserve. Unlike Russia, the DNR and LPR do have the death penalty and after suffering as badly as they have and for as long as they have, there will be more than a little enthusiasm in both the judiciary and public in general to see yesterday’s monsters become tomorrow’s missing, be it by gibbet or gaol. Dominic Raab, the UK Deputy Prime Minister is apparently going to liaise with Ukrainian authorities concerning the British amongst these prisoners of war, yet what either he or the Ukrainian government hope to achieve is open to question remembering that neither Kiev nor London even recognize the republics where the trials will be held.

The Sanctions Boomerang

Every news outlet is quick to put the blame at the Kremlin’s door, yet after a decade of throwing everything they could at Russia, the West is now beginning to reap as it has for so long sown. With everything from crude oil to sunflower oil to jet fuel to holidays in the sunshine soaring in price, the average consumer has not had it so bad in a very long while. With supply chain issues being what they are, industry is also feeling the pinch, but with Medvedev’s statement on Tuesday, Moscow now knows exactly where it stands regarding the West and could make things a whole lot more difficult regarding materials should it wish to do so.

Signs of the Times

We all know the queen is of German ancestry, but this was ridiculous. Photo©️Juan Sinmiedo

This last weekend saw the British queen celebrate her platinum jubilee, with street parties and festivities across the UK. Not only was it a opportune way for Boris Johnson to deflect the heat he is currently feeling from some of his MPs, it was quite literally a very convenient ‘vehicle’ for some of the more extreme Ukrainian ideology to hit the TV screens. We are all used to idiots performing for the cameras, yet one has to question the motive behind placing the Black Sun symbol on a float from Yorkshire and the reason that nobody checked why a generally unknown motif was placed in front of the general public. We know that the queen is of German ancestry, but this was frankly ridiculous.


Rather than the big moves we saw months ago, Russia is moving step by step at the same time as the West is just one step from a potential catastrophe. The fight in the Ukraine is far from over, yet things are now getting to the point when only the foolhardy wish to fight Russia. The pivotal battles are being fought in the Donbass, and once they are over, so is the Ukraine as a going concern. After losing so many men and materials, its position becomes more untenable by the day, even more so when one considers that over a matter of six months, the West has gifted Kiev’s military with weapons to a value approaching the Russian defense budget for a whole year. Some have been sold whilst others now arm the Donbass Republics, yet the western guns giveaway will not last forever.

Certain prisoners will last a far shorter period, yet unlike previous conflicts, the West has no say in what its opponents do, yet listening to Medvedev recently, Russia certainly has a lot so say about the West. Those who opposed Russia are now beginning to pay the price for their stupidity, yet it will invariably be Russia that is given the blame. With criminals facing trial, many will become prisoners, yet looking at some of the floats at the jubilee, it appears that London has already engineered that its public are prisoners to the extremist mentality of so many in the Ukraine…

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