Ukraine – Killing Surrendering Soldiers, Shelling Civilians

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 — Moon of Alabama

At 8:30 UTC today I checked the priorities of the day on major U.S. news websites.

    • On the New York Times homepage the word “Trump” appeared 10 times, “Ukraine” appeared 5 times.
    • On the Washington Post homepage the word “Trump” appeared 12 times, “Ukraine” appeared 5 times.
    • On the Wall Street Journal homepage the word “Trump” appeared 9 times, “Ukraine” appeared 3 times.

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New Bill That Passed House Reinvokes Old Russian Bogeyman as Pretext For More U.S. Intervention in Africa

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 — CovertAction Magazine

By Richard S. Dunn

Map warns of growing Russian influence in Africa—shades of the Cold War. [Source:]

Liberal Democrats shamefully all voted for the “Countering Malign Russian Influence Activities in Africa” Act—seems like relic from bygone era

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Ukraine News Links 13-14 June 2022

tuesday, 14 June 2022 • 18:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back. If it gets updated, I usually insert the time on the line above. A lot of cross-posting usually indicates that the article is popular and some links may not work, depending on your location but I’ve kept them anyway, so at least the reader has some idea of the scale of censorship now operating in the ‘democratic’ West.

Russia blacklists British media and military

US Department of Defense Finally Comes Clean – Admits in Public Document that There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

FBI: Ukraine Fighter and US Fugitive Craig Lang Armed by Colombia To Overthrow Venezuela Gov’t

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Israel calls the Nakba a lie. So why do its leaders threaten a second one?

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 — Jonathan Cook

Ex-government minister’s recent warning to Palestinian flag-wavers of another forced expulsion exposes the lie at the heart of Israel’s founding

Middle East Eye – 14 June 2022

Here is a puzzle. What did Israel Katz, an Israeli legislator and until recently a senior government minister, mean when he threatened Palestinian students last month with another “Nakba” if they continued to wave the Palestinian flag? He urged them to “remember 1948” and speak to their “grandfathers and grandmothers”.

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