Black Agenda Report November 30, 2022

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 — — Black Agenda Report

EXCERPT: Brussels Conference Act of 1890
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
The 1890 Brussels Act provided Europeans with the legal and humanitarian justification for the colonization of Africa. Why have so few heard of it?

The Crisis of Western Imperialism and the Imperative of War and Repression
Ajamu Baraka
The world as we know it must change. Humanity cannot survive under imperialist and capitalist structures.

Worthy and Unworthy Protest
Margaret Kimberley
Protesters in some nations are celebrated. Others are ignored. Protest is a human right to be respected but instead can be used as a pretext for nefarious motives such as regime change.

Club None Long To Belong To…*
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

An African View On Ukraine
Jacqueline Luqman
Dr. Fred M’Membe, President of the Socialist Party of Zambia, was a recent guest on the Sputnik program, By Any Means Necessary. He discussed an African view of the crisis in Ukraine.

WINTER IS COMING for Ukraine and Taiwan with Garland Nixon, Margaret Kimberley and Danny Haiphong
Danny Haiphong, Margaret Kimberley
Margaret Kimberley and Garland Nixon join Danny Haiphong on The Left Lens discussing social media censorship, Ukraine, China, and the contradictions of US imperialism

China’s Leadership Shines Bright in Asia’s Moment
Danny Haiphong
China shows leadership in Asia while the U.S. relies on threats and interference to get its way.

BAR Book Forum: Miguel Valerio’s Book, “Sovereign Joy: Afro-Mexican Kings and Queens”
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured author is Miguel Valerio. Valerio is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Washington University in St. Louis. His book is Sovereign Joy: Afro-Mexican Kings and Queens, 1539-1640.

Is The “Conscience of the Congress” Unconscious?
Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III
The Congressional Black Caucus has strayed far from the politics of its original members. Once called the “conscience of the congress,” the group is made up of Democratic Party loyalists living off of a now undeserved reputation.

The Two Types of Death Penalties
Kalonji Changa
The governor of Missouri refused to grant clemency to Kevin Johnson and the state Supreme Court denied motions to halt his execution. The US Supreme Court refused to hear his case. Kevin Johnson was executed on November 29, 2022.

DC Government’s Racial Equity Plan is Elite Capture by The State
Pan-African Community Action PACA
Racial inequity is the result of racist and capitalist policies and can’t be defeated by the self-interested Black political class.

Dominican Republic: Exploitation and Forced Labor in the Central Romana Corporation Has a History
Micely Díaz
There is a long and terrible history of exploitation and abuse of Haitians and Haitian descended people in the Dominican Republic’s sugar industry.

Venezuelan Government and Opposition Sign ‘Social Agreement’, US Approves Chevron License
Andreína Chávez Alava
The US desire to secure Venezuela’s oil has resulted in the easing of the diplomatic and commercial “maximum pressure” campaign. The Venezuelan government was resolute in its fight for sovereignty.

Canada Sets up Embassy in Rwanda, Amidst Growing Mass Anti-Imperialist Movement in Neighbouring DRC
Christian Shingiro
The opening of a new Canadian embassy in Rwanda is an effort to ensure that the plunder of Congo’s mineral resources will continue under the protection of a US ally.

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