Ukraine News Links 29-30 November 2022

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

About Timing…

What To Expect In Russia’s Winter Offensive In Ukraine

The Big Lie About Ukraine’s War

Some Important Points…

High Fuel Prices Likely to Kill More Europeans Than Fighting in Ukraine. The Economist

Zelensky’s War Machine Is Running Out of Fuel. Expect More Panic Attacks Soon

American Armaments Sales in Europe Booming, Thanks to the War in Ukraine: “US Colony After NATO Coup”

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-213

What to Expect in Russia’s Winter Offensive in Ukraine

NATO Doubles Down on Pledge to Eventually Admit Ukraine

Rand Paul Calls Out Complete Lack of Oversight on Ukraine Aid

White House Considering Transferring Patriot Missiles to Ukraine, Kremlin Threatens Response

The Global South: new payment system

Daily Chronicles

Conflict in Ukraine is doomed to escalate

The Crux of the Putin-Xi Revolution

Back to Year Zero of the 1979 Iranian Revolution: The ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ Revolt

Operation Claw-Sword: Erdogan’s big new game in Syria

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’, or, Don’t Spit in the Well

Ukraine News Links 28-29 November 2022

U.S.-Turkiye Brinkmanship Won’t Reach a Point Of No Return

Pope Francis’ War Against Chechens and Buryats

Meloni v. Macron – The Colonial End Game 

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