Assange Extradition: The fight continues

Friday, 3 February 2023 — Assange Defense

We’re so grateful for your continued support of the Free Assange movement. Across the country, the calls to free Assange are getting louder, and people are listening. The fight continues!

Solitary Confinement is Torture

“‘The worst part about the confinement is having no idea when or how he would be able to leave, Stella Assange said. ‘It is the uncertain duration that makes it so hard to bear … It’s a kind of torture.’ Although Assange has yet to be convicted of any crime, ‘We don’t know when he’ll be free.’ The uncertainty has exacerbated Assange’s physical and mental deterioration, his wife said. In October 2021, during a High Court hearing about his extradition, Assange, attending via video link from Belmarsh, suffered a ‘transient ischaemic attack’ — a mini-stroke. He has been diagnosed with nerve damage and memory problems and prescribed blood thinners.” Read Shaun Waterman’s article in Newsweek.

Tune In

This week’s Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Italian investigative journalist Stefania Maurizi. Maurizi is the author of Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies. The book details her work with Assange as a journalist, and her years of tireless work “investigating state criminality protected by thick layers of secrecy, while also embarking on a solitary trench warfare to unearth the facts underpinning the cruel persecution of Assange and WikiLeaks.” She is the only international journalist who worked on the entirety of the Wikileaks documents.

Can You Retweet This?

Calling All Students

February 23 is Student Press Freedom Day! Students, professors and advocates all across the country are organizing events to call for the release of Julian Assange. From writing an op-ed, to hosting your own event, there are lots of ways to get involved. If you’re interested, use this form to sign up. An organizer will follow up with you!

So Close!

Letters to the editor are one of the best ways we can break through the mainstream media and use our voices to fight for Julian’s freedom.

Check out Bradley’s letter in the Coshocton Tribune:

And here’s Julia’s in the Press Democrat:

We are just three letters away from our goal of publishing 500 LTEs! Can you help us reach it? Click here for our easy-to-use LTE portal and send in your own LTE to your local paper.

Thanks hugely for your help,

The Assange Defense Committee

One thought on “Assange Extradition: The fight continues

  1. WillD says:

    Does the US want to risk the wrath of the global media if it proceeds with the extradition, or is it content to let Julian Assange die slowly in prison and let the UK face the backlash?

    The only way I can see the US dropping the charges is if there is political capital to be made out of it.


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