Know Your Rights! Get trained up with Green and Black Cross

Tuesday, 23 May 2023 — NETPOL

Our friends at Green and Black Cross are running a free Know Your Rights training on Wednesday 24 May 6pm – 9.30pm!

A new Public Order Act (for England and Wales only) became law in early May, and parts of it are already in force. But as police powers are expanded, many people are confused about where that leaves us. Join the grassroots legal support crew at Green and Black Cross for a Know Your Rights training and find out what you need to know before joining a protest. The training will take place on Zoom, and will cover:

  • Key information you need to know when going on a protest
  • Tips on interacting with police and security
  • Common laws used at protests
  • What to do if you are stop-and-searched or arrested

The training will be 2.5 hours long, with breaks and live auto capitions will be available.

Fill in this Jotform to register for the training.

Sign up for the training now

Find out more about the new Public Order Act

5 thoughts on “Know Your Rights! Get trained up with Green and Black Cross

      • zrpradyer says:

        As long as you are happy/content, then please take your time and enjoy your activities.
        All contributions welcome!


          • zrpradyer says:

            I think I understand.
            Sometimes, it’s ‘life’ simply asking you to hang in there, R & R and explore subjects that are gently uplifting, inspiring, creative but are pressure-free.
            You deserve some joy; in fact, it’s essential.
            Wishing you well.


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