Assange Defense: Another chance to add your name!

16 November 2020 — Assange Defense

First, we have to start off this note with a huge thank you to all of the folks who have worked with us to get LTEs published in their local papers! We have had huge success so far and have published over 40 of your letters with more on the way.

What we are writing today to talk about is our next angle for LTEs– getting the President to pardon Assange before he leaves office. Whether you think this is a long shot or our best chance at freeing Assange, we believe this is a crucial piece of our advocacy. We want to show the nation and the world that across the political spectrum there are folks who want to free Assange with a Presidential pardon.

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Farcical Coverage of Julian Assange’s Farcical Hearing

13 November 2020 — FAIR

Julian Assange leaving court in 2019 (photo: Jack Taylor/Gerry Images)

WSJ: Julian Assange’s Request to Delay His Extradition Hearing Is Rejected by U.K. Judge

The Wall Street Journal (9/7/20) reported that WikiLeaks published “a huge trove of classified material that painted a bleak picture of the American campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

US corporate media have buried coverage of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing in the UK, despite its being the media “Trial of the Century” (, 9/25/20). But even in the scarce coverage that does exist of this unprecedented case with immense implications for freedom of expression, one would hardly get the impression that the US and British governments are involved in an illegal conspiracy—in violation of their own laws—to punish Assange for the “crime” of journalism.

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Criticising Monbiot isn’t ‘demonisation’. It’s a first step on the path to reclaiming our minds

10 October 2020 — Jonathan Cook

The other day I wrote a piece criticising Guardian columnist George Monbiot for his failure to speak out loudly in support of Julian Assange during last month’s hearings in which the United States has been seeking to extradite the Wikileaks founder so that he can be locked away for the rest of his life on bogus “espionage charges”. Continue reading

‘None Of It Reported’: How Corporate Media Buried The Assange Trial

7 October 2020 — Media Lens

One of the most imposing features of state-corporate propaganda is its incessant, repetitive nature. Over and over again, the ‘mainstream’ media have to convince the public that ‘our’ government prioritises the health, welfare and livelihoods of the general population, rather than the private interests of an elite stratum of society that owns and runs all the major institutions, banks, corporations and media. Continue reading