The Agri-Food Model, Unregulated Gene Editing Technologies

6 April 2021 — Global Research

Four Words Gates and His Pals Despise: Democracy and Minimum Support Price

By Colin Todhunter

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and an assortment of high-profile figures and policy makers are pushing for unregulated gene-editing technologies, the rollout of bio-synthetic food created in laboratories, the expanded use of patented seeds and the roll back of subsidies and support for farmers in places like India.

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‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is a hoax

13 January 2020 — Climate & Capitalism

Great Transition Debate

CSR is a public relations framework that lets corporations greenwash their public images, pretending to change so that everything can remain the same

The Great Transition Initiative is an online discussion forum that allows in-depth discussion of environmental ideas. Rather than brief comments, participants submit detailed responses to controversial essays. The comments reflect a wide range of political opinion, in search of “a new praxis for global transformation.”

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