Global Glyphosate Study Pilot Phase Shows Adverse Health Effects at ‘Safe’ Doses

16 May 2018 — Istituto Ramazzini


  • Three peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts from the pilot phase of the Global Glyphosate Study are available online today (May 16th). The papers will be published in the prestigious scientific journal Environmental Health later in May.
  • The pilot study was a single-dose study on glyphosate based herbicides (GBHs) in rats, using the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s acceptable daily dietary exposure level of glyphosate (cRfD) – 1.75 mg/kg/day. (a single-dose study means that the same concentration was given to the rats daily over a 3 month period).
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Organic Bytes: What will it take to get this chemical banned?

26 April 2018 — Organic Consumers Association

[First, a whinge about the the UK environmental movement: It sucks! Organisations like Friends of the Earth (FOE) and Greenpeace with millions in resources can’t even manage a weekly newsletter like this one from OCA, a US-based organisation or another I carry here, Sustainable Pulse. Greenpeace do have RSS feeds but you have hunt around the website to find them and my subscription to FOE has yet to deliver anything. What does it tell us about the state of political involvement here in the UK? WB]


What Could Go Wrong?

Child covering eyes in a farm field being sprayed with pesticides

Monsanto is working frantically with its cronies at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to get another 15-year approval for its Roundup weedkiller—before EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt gets fired or Trump is impeached.

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Global Breaking News on GMOs and Pesticides 25 April 2018

25 April 2018 — Sustainable Pulse

Editors’ picks

UCSF Places Secret Agrichemical Industry Documents including Monsanto Papers Online 

The University of California, San Francisco Industry Documents Library placed online several collections of agrichemical industry documents on Thursday, including some acquired and donated by U.S. Right to Know, a consumer and public health watchdog group. The documents shine light on the public relations, scientific, legislative and regulatory tactics the industry has used to defend […] The post UCSF Places Secret Agrichemical Industry Documents including Monsanto Papers Online …

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GMOs and Pesticides – Global Breaking News

17 January 2018 — Sustainable Pulse

US Organic Food Movement Protests USDA Interference in Animal Welfare Standards 

The U.S. organic food movement, representing dozens of brands, thousands of organic farmers and millions of organic consumers, as well as retailers, certifiers, and organizations, has published an open letter in the Washington Post. The cosigners are demanding that the USDA stop interfering with the public process that has created clear standards for animal welfare in […] The post US Organic Food Movement Protests USDA Interference in Animal Welfare Standards appeared first on …

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New Global Review Shows Five-Fold Increase in Pest Resistance to GM Crops

11 October 2017 — Sustainable Pulse

A new global assessment, released Tuesday by the University of Arizona, helps scientists explain why cases of pest resistance to genetically modified crops increased by more than fivefold in the past decade, yet some pests remain suppressed. In 2016, farmers worldwide planted more than 240 million acres (98 million hectares) of genetically modified corn, cotton […] The post New Global Review Shows Five-Fold Increase in Pest Resistance to GM Crops appeared first on Sustainable Pulse.

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Is Google Helping Monsanto Hide the Truth?

30 September 2017 — Organic Consumers Association

OCA fundraising meter at $135kFirst, the good news. The work we’re doing together is paying off.

This week, the EU Parliament banned Monsanto lobbyists from attending any meetings there—because the Biotech Giant refused to show up for hearings into allegations that it had interfered with safety studies.

This, on top of class action lawsuits by farmers whose crops were damaged by Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide, and hundreds of lawsuits by people who have non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer after being exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is eroding Monsanto’s power.

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A Short History of Glyphosate

6 September 2017 — Sustainable Pulse

A Short History of Glyphosate 

The Detox Project and Sustainable Pulse has created and published Wednesday the first ‘Short History of Glyphosate’, which identifies some important dates during the scandalous history of the World’s most used herbicide. 1961: Glyphosate was patented in the U.S. as a Descaling and Chelating Agent by the Stauffer Chemical Co. Due to its strong metal […] The post A Short History of Glyphosate appeared first on Sustainable Pulse.

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