CSI Baghdad By William Bowles

7 June 2004

The George Tenet affair illustrates the ‘wheels within wheels’ strategy of the propaganda war being waged over the abject failure that is the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And it’s a failure on two fronts: the failure of the invasion itself to establish a secure beachhead in the Middle East and the imperium’s failure to convince the world that ‘pre-emptive’ war has any justification.

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A Damn Fine Mess By William Bowles

27 May 2004

So where is the demand from the so-called Left of the Labour government for the complete and unconditional withdrawal from Iraq? Are they too hiding behind the fig leaf of the UN? A UN that is reluctant to takeover the minefield created by the occupation and one complicated by the juggling of the various actors such as Russia and France, as they attempt to leverage advantage from the rapidly disintegrating situation.

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The Death of Dr David Kelly: Dark actors – dark forces? By William Bowles

28 July 2003

So Dr David Kelly’s media contact on the New York Times was, according to the Independent on Sunday (27/07/03), Judith Miller (more on Ms Miller below). The same piece also alluded to the fact that Kelly had had a longstanding relationship with journalists. The more we know about Kelly, the less we know. What is absolutely clear, is that he played a key role in the creation of the September 2002 document. There are many unanswered questions about Kelly’s role in the run-up to and the invasion, such as: Continue reading